bug reports

Tunnel count sometimes changes when tunnels are dragged (8)
Cities locked after new version update (11)
Cairo Stations Appear Off-Screen (2)
Montreal day 10 (5)
Full screen misalignement ( 2 ) (28)
Continuing a regular game in endless (12)
Hook Turn achievement? (4)
MiniMetro for iOS Leaderboards not working? (3)
Metro refuses to pickup any passengers at one specific station ( 2 ) (22)
Game failed condition, wasn't me, sir! (5)
Errors in German translation (5)
Scores comparison (6)
Unable to get Sao Paulo Grand Prix achievement (3)
Second square station spawns in early game next to first square station (17)
Game gets slow / micro freezing / high cpu load (7)
Can't quit fullscreen mode (3)
Unable to continue line in extreme mode [daily challenge] (5)
Paused game not playable after several hours (7)
Game can't be launched after latest update (4)
Additional text for 'tram' update in Melbourne (4)
Annoying sound in game (6)
Lost loco during the game (4)
Bug in statistics screen (2)
Bug in pause menu (2)
London Rankings/Leaderboards Do Not Load in Gamma4 for Windows (4)
Profile has been reset (8)
Passengers not boarbing when they could (9)
Not letting play daily challenge when launching the game (11)
Some another bugs - wrong translation handling & wrong station highlighting (3)
New Station Bug (7)