A Save Button …!


DAFT thought …

But would maybe having a ‘Save’ button be too much to ask … ?

Thought I’d raise it … !


We hope to keep the individual games short-enough to not warrant a save feature. It becomes an interface hassle as well, although I know on desktop it would be handy for when you have to interrupt the game for too long to just pause. We’re likely to include the ability to save zen layouts.


Totally need a save button!
I could learn so much more if I could save at around 1000 passengers and try different strategies from there. Having to play the first portion repeatedly doesn’t allow me to experiment with the ‘tricky bit’ between then and around 1300 where it all starts to get hairy.


A save button won’t hurt. 2nd this motion


+1 would love a save button


On the other hand, it allows for so much easier ‘cheating’.
Imagine you manage to get a good score, let’s say 3000.
You save the game while you have not lost and then start all your games from this save - guaranteed to score over 3000 and be higher in the leaderboards.


+1 for savebutton.
@peepay: I don’t want to cheat and I don’t care about the leaderboards. I simply find myself in situations where I don’t have enough time to play a good map through. My idea would be the program autosaving unfinished games upon exit (no matter whether to menu or to desktop) and the next time you choose to play the map you get asked if to continue the saved game or start a new one.

For example: you play NYC and have a nice little score around 2800 with potential to hit 5k but suddenly your wive breathes down your neck. Now you have to choose: abandon this nice little game or risk a full-fledged crisis? With my saving option implemented you’d have to do neither, you just exit and the next time you go to NYC the program asks you whether to continue the 2.8k game or start a new one on a blank map.


Could be a saving “à la FTL”: you save because you want to leave the game for now (dinner, night, commute…) but once you reopen a save game, the save is gone and you can’t access it anymore.
Reopening a game will allow you to save again, overwriting the old save, lose or win the game, and that’s it.

So you won’t be able to keep different games, nor base several games on one good opening.


In this case, all’s good.


Definite FTL style saving. Btw having FTL analogies is a good, and I expect Extreme Mode to be as hard as Hard mode on FTL, a.k.a. IMPOSSIBLE


Now that we have Scenic Mode, definitely ‘save’ is due. I have made some maps that are easing along nicely, and I want to sit and stare at them some more and do little tweaks, but after a while part of me wants to get on with a new game, but is loath to lose the old one. I could save the nice game for future contemplating with less procrastination if I thought I could come back to it.


I play this on mobile so I play for 30 mins, close, reply to an email, work and then reopen to play for 5 minutes to see my game is gone!

I only want it to save every 5 seconds, after every action etc. I don’t care if I don’t have multiple saves.

That is a 2 year old, paid game. The fact that it is not saving your progress is ridiculous.