A Way to Delete an Entire Track With One Action on Android Like You Can on Desktop


It would be very helpful if you could create a method to easily delete an entire line on Android like you can on Desktop.

On Desktop, hovering over a color swatch showed an X you could easily click on to delete a line. On Android, the only way I can delete a line is to “untrace” the entire thing. This is super annoying!

Please create something elegant so I don’t have to untrace all the time.


Hello! This is a feature that we currently have plans to implement, but we want to get right. We are hoping to be including it in the near future, but know that it is on our list!


How about a double tab on the color icon of the line?


I was imagining a hold on the line’s colour swatch which could explode into a dialog box listing all assets in use, with options to release individual assets, or delete the entire line. I’d also like a dispatch/“auto delete” mode for specific lines – where all assets are automatically deleted each time a train departs a station. I find attaching/detaching a single pair of stations to be the most tedious part of the game … very necessary to reach certain achievements … and easy to accidentally adjust the line in the process, resulting in an empty train leaving the station.