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To get back on topic: I’d like to see the option to redraw the shape of the lines, even if there’s no need. Example:

If I draw the line like in picture 1, and then use my mouse (red dot) to get it to shape 2, it snaps back to 1, since there’s no need for it to change. However, I could get it in this shape if I delete the line and redraw it in the shape (picture 3). Any chance you could change this behaviour so that if I draw it like in 1, use my mouse to change it like 2, it snaps to the position, as seen in 3? It is handy for people who also like to control their design besides the network itself :wink:

Drag the route to change the shape

On yellow lines could the passengers not be white as it’s really hard to see them. Also a sandbox feature that enables you to make and share new maps.