Additional text for 'tram' update in Melbourne


When playing Melbourne, the first ‘tram’ update will always show the additional explanation. For every other update (carriage, tunnel, bridge, line) this is not the case. Also subsequent tram updates don’t show the text.

The extra text was shown for every update, until it had been chosen for the first time. I think his registered by the game for all updates except ‘tram’, as the text returns when mini-metro is restarted.

The different behaviour just caught my eye, it is not breaking anything, it was just different. Print-screen for clarification:


In your opinion, what do you think about this?


I think, most of all, the updates should all behave the same. Always showing the extra text is an option, as it helps new players.
However, I think that it is in favour of the ‘clean’ look of the game to discard the additional text after that specific update has been chosen. And it shouldn’t reappear unless you reset everything.

Then again, it is only a little flaw, not some game breaking error.


Thanks for the input.