Android: New old-style maps do not keep personal stats


Hello! Thank you for releasing a great game, and keeping it fresh with new maps.

I’ve been enjoying London 1960, Paris 1937, and New York City 1972, but my copy of the game will not save my personal best scores. I play the game, I see my best scores, and then the play time and score are reset to zero after I quit the game and reopen it. It seems like it may not be rereading the scores when the game is fully restarted.

Other details:

  • I’m on Android O on a stock Pixel phone in the US.
  • Game version is 201804241049 (2.2.0).
  • This is in Normal mode. I haven’t tried the other modes in the new maps.
  • I’m logged in to Google Game Services, and see the “logged in” pop-up every time I start. No trouble with the other maps or game modes, which save my personal best scores just fine.
  • I play on two Android devices, a phone and a tablet. Typically they are good about updating to the best score between them, though sometimes not immediately.
  • All leaderboards work just fine, including the daily leaderboards. I can also see the leaderboards in the old style maps.
  • I had hit 1000+ in Normal mode previously, so the game gave me the old-style maps immediately when the game updated without me “earning” them. That said, I’ve played each normal map to 1000+ since then, and it hasn’t helped.

Low priority, since this is just score tracking, but hope it helps make the game a bit more consistent when you get a chance to look into it. Thank you again!


Thank you for taking the time to make such a detailed bug report for us! It’s really clear and makes it so much easier for us hunt down the bug. Luckily, we’re working on a fix and should have it out to everyone soon.

Thanks again!


I also have this problem on iOS. It only happens with the old style maps, the others show my scores fine. It’s not a big deal, but would be nice to have a fix :slight_smile: