Automatic wait delay


When your line is very short, but crowded, and has a lot of trains on it, trains will wait out a certain distance, to the train before it, before going on to the next station. Example, have 4 trains going in the same direction on 1 line, with 8 stations, will have trains waiting a lot with overcrowding stations without reason. Please adjust it so that a player can choose if his / her lines have automatic wait delay or not.


In short, you want an option to let players set how far away the train should be behind the train ahead?

I personally disagree on allowing the players to choose, for the following points.

One point is by having a delay, the game can let the player know they need to “re-organize” the line’s layout, or to “re-optimize” their lines around, as a method of feedback. Meaning, this is how the game directly tells the player, “we can continue to let trains run on this line, but it would be nice if you could do something about it. Or we can just continue the way it is.”

The other point is, realistically, trains should wait in subsequent stations behind the first train letting the passengers on board. For example, in Boston, when there are rush hours, the metro trains on the Orange Line would cramp together , and stays put away from the train in front. That way, passengers at the overcrowded stations (Downtown Crossing) will be able to aboard trains quickly as each train runs by in succession.

Problem is, also realistically, the Metro/Regional Transit Authority (or the public transit authority, in general) cannot predict and control how often a train should come/go to those stations when rush hours occur. That is what your “automatic wait delay” does in the game, where it is simulated to have the effect where the train behind the leading train must wait for the train to pass.

But, for the benefit of the doubt, tell us what your opinion is about this “automatic wait delay”? Once we know of your opinion, the developers will be able to read them and consider what you feel about it.


Trains in Minimetro do pass each other all the time on the same line. But sometimes they have a delay while they follow each other up. For myself the unpredictability of this behaviour is very annoying. So, make it so that trains never pass each other, or make it so they always do. Not something in between.

The ideal option for me would be 2 static settings, “can pass” or “can’t pass” as decided by the player.

But if the game designer thinks it should not be a player choice, choose one of both. So we as players know what to count on.


Wait, you said “unpredictable delays”? Sounds like a bug issue rather than a feature request, or maybe I am reading all of this wrong.

Changing thread flair, and since I’m not a developer, I will let @peter or @shiprib know of this.


This is a good point, in theory if trains always leave headway in front of them to prevent bunching then they should never pass each other.

I’ve had a look through to check why this was happening, and it’s a pretty simple answer: the headway check if only run when they’re stopped and ready to leave. So if the first train has emptied out some stations and stopped at the next one, the train behind can skip right past the empty stations and pass the stopped train, only because it never stopped so didn’t check headway.


Now you know what is the cause, are you planning to change something toward the logic behind it, or are you (devs) keeping it the same?


Nice question. I’m staying tune for a follow-up myself.


As someone who is playing in a crowded NYC a lot atm, I run into this a lot.

#9 < I have 3 trains on the Purple line, with each 2 cars, atm this is a 7 station line, but earlyer in game it was 4/5, then they would wait on eachother all the time. Without hubs it is not doable to get due on this line. Had to build reliefs on other lines to compensate.


Still dying on this now and then, please make it so that their is no wait delay on a line, if a train has a long load time on the station ahead, just ride into it and skip if empty due to the first long load and if that current train has no unload cargo on it.


I personally think that trains should always wait for the station ahead to be vacated as in real life most metro lines (with the exception of extremely high capacity lines) have one up and one down line with very few points between the two tracks. (On circular lines with trains in one direction there would be one line with a few passing points or sidings.) This means that trains overtaking each other as you suggest is generally only used in an emergency because the train behind must cross onto the other track causing delays in the other direction further reducing capacity. If you were to have trains skipping each other at the players preference then there should be some sort of penalty in speed to make sure this isn’t used as a loophole to cheat the game.


The problem always occures at lines going in just 1 direction, I almost never have lines running in 2 directions.


We’ve added a task to our backlog to look at this - we’ll take into account headway when checking if a train should stop at a station, as well as when it should leave a station.