Berlin Under Achievement


I’ve passed 1000 passengers twice now in the Berlin Grey Lokomotive Achievement… using the “relief line” strategy recommended in the Steam Community…

For some reason, minimetro did not recognize my achievement either time. The first time I thought it was because of overloading the “relief line” – installing it somewhere else, before the lokomotive reached the end of the previous line location. (This causes a spare lokomotive to immediately start, while while another lokomotive runs out a remaining segment). The second time, I made sure the lokomotive popped back into my inventory before I reused the relief line.

I’ve passed 36 of 37 other achievements – I think I understand achievements now. So what’s the story? Are there any unstated conditions? And are you sure there isn’t an error in this achievement checker, or the wording for Grey Lokomotive achievement?


Sorry about this issue, I know achievement hunting in Mini Metro can be frustrating. If you send your log file to we can have a look at it, it contains the achievement checking debug output. Often it’s a case of not realising that you’ve accidentally broken the conditions of the achievement - that, and the game letting you do so and not telling you when it happens.


Tx… i didn’t realize I couldn’t use carriages on the Berlin Challenge. I figured that out today… it’s a cruel challenge, but I got my achievement… and now to conquer the remaining very cruel challenge… Auckland!