Better Daily Challenge Statistics


Please add a headline to each statistic including the city name, city mode and numbers of players.

Please do not purge the sunday statistic at monday morning.


We are planning a small update later on in the year focussing on polishing up a few aspects of the daily challenge. These are some useful suggestions, so we’ll add them to the wish list!

Purging the statistics does depend upon the platform. Steam is very useful in this regard, we can create as many leaderboard as we want so we do actually have historical data for every single daily challenge. The mobile platforms unfortunately don’t have that same ability, so we can only easily access the most recent seven days.


Yes, please. I definitely approve the ideas of the Rheinlaender.

And there’s this tiny thing that comes to my mind on top:
What happens to me quite often is that I start a Daily-Challenge game, pause it and forget to finish it or simply cannot finish it before midnight. The next day, I continue playing because I often feel I am in a good position, but then: I mostly end up in seeing my score not listed (which is fully correct) because what I see listed is the leaderboard of the (current) next day.

So what I have in mind on top is: if I finalize my Monday game on a Tuesday morning, I would love see how my score would have been finally listed among the others in a kind of hypothetic list (because I am simply too late).
Maybe developers please have a look into the scenario: ‘finalize a daily challenge too late’ ?


This happens to me too, that I finish a game, after the week is over – is there any way you can just have the Daily top scores show the last seven days, instead of the current week?

Also – the reason I finish a game after the week is over is because sometimes a particular daily challenge can take over an hour (!!!) to complete. I’ve never timed it, but sometimes there’s 1000’s of passengers before the countdown timer strikes.

Could we have some kind of time limit instead. Something like 10 weeks in Minimetro time, or actual user elapsed time, like 30 minutes. If you are hit by the countdown timer before the elapsed timer finishes, you would have a regular score, But if your trains are still chugging along at the elapsed time limit, then your score would be whatever it is, when the elapsed timer hits.


Just started doing the Daily. It doesn’t seem to update my ranking. First game today I got 151. I have had 2 other games in the same day and City exceeding that score by multiple times ( but less than the 10th highest) but still Me shows 151


Only your first attempt scores in the daily challenge


Yep only the first one counts — that’s meant to be the ‘fair’ one that you’re doing without prior knowledge of where stations will appear, etc.