Branching lines


I would like to see lines splitting up into 2 or more branches.


How cool is that?! Would there be an automatic switch that would alternate settings? The required “auto switch” should appear as optional equipment (like a carriage or bridge) but less frequently. But, as a programmer, I suspect this suggestion poses a very difficult challenge to implement.


Something like that:grinning:


Wow got so many views


I heartily agree with this. Adding a Boston map would be a great feature, but the ability to branch lines would be a huge plus. (If for no other reason than you can’t make a Boston metro map without the hopelessly bizarre Green Line represented somehow or other.)
I know this is sort of a duplicate, but in browsing these forums I haven’t seen any kind of update in it looks like a year.
This would be a great add.
Love the game though. Wonderfully addictive! Ecstatic it’s on Android.