Bug in NY City found


Hi, at first … please excuse my low-level-english… I’ll try my best, to explain the bug, I found.
It’s in NYC, in the third challenge in the list (only two lines allowed on square stations).
I had a several moments, when a new square-station appears, that I was not allowed to connect it to a line (even when it was only one, single line), without getting the “foul”-prompt “there are too many lines connected with this square station”.
This must be a bug, cause… i mean… i have to connect the square-station with minimum ONE line! otherwise… the square-station is, ehhm, unconnected with the whole metro (as an… let’s say… “abandoned ghost-station”? :rofl: ). This seems as a funny idea to me, but makes no sense, when it comes to the task for the player, to reach the next step on the ladder of honor. Hihi…
I try to post a screenshot here (don’t know, if I could handle this and if it will work - I’m not familiar with this function in this community-forum-thing.

Additional info:
Game version 201811192114 (release-38)
running on a Sony Xperia X (F5121) with
Android 8.0.0

So… please check this “unintended feature”!
Thx and bye

PS.: … on the other hand, I won’t forget to tell ya, that I love this little game and wanna give you programmers a round of applause for it! Well done!!



Was the third line, a line without squares in it?

If you already had 2 lines running in/out square stations, you breached the limit by trying to connect a square to a third line.