Bug in St. Petersburg - Neva The Great achievement? No square station!


All the St. Petersburg Neva The Great achievement play videoes show that there are quite a few square stations at the east side of the river. However, when I attempted to play this achievement, I’ve never had a single square map appearing at the east side of the river, which makes this mission extremely difficult. (It seems like some other players also complain about this issue in one of the YouTube video’s comment section) I think I attempted this achievement 100 times, and still, no major progress has been made. My best record for this mission attempt was around 800 passengers, and the achievement requires 1500 passengers to be carried. This is nonsense! I highly suspect that this is a bug. If this is not a bug, your team established such a high difficulty for this mission.


I have to agree. I thought after finding out the translation of the achievement was indeed incorrect and attempting it with tunnels on just one line it would get easier. But I must have tried it at least 100 x now. Not a single square station east of the river ever appeared. It seems impossible…


Learning to know the map, but euh, a block on the other side of the river? How about more as 1 triangle? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes totally agree. I have the same problem. It is the last achievement I am still working on and let’s just say at the current way it is set there is absolutely no way I can get 1500 passengers. Did something get messed from previous update? I don’t know but at around 500-600 passenger mark I get an insane amount of passenger influx and there’s just no way one extra carriage or line is going to be able to handle the extra increase.
Please look into this. I want to complete my achievements and it is a great game.


I don’t think it’s a bug … see screenshot below. I don’t know if I have any moments left in this episode, but I am over 1500. It is a cruel challenge no doubt, but I found other challenges to be even more cruel.



Hi! Well I see you have multi line using tunnel. The challenge in this case is 1500 passengers with tunnel on one line only.

I have literally played this stage for over 100 times, like the others. And it is the only challenge I’m missing. I can’t say Ive had nearly as hard a time doing the other similar challenges. The rest were all achievable.


Oh jeeze – well – I should probably delete my post. I have passed this challenge long ago … but I don’t remember how I did it… obviously, not this way.


I think it’s probably due to an update that changed the difficulty. I’m almost positive this stages difficulty is not on equal level as the rest. Maybe the developer should give the current version a try and see for themselves lol.

Thanks for the follow up TransitTourist!


You are right … I’m pretty sure there’s been a change since when I did the challenge. St Petersburg used to have square stations on the north side of the Neva River (but not on the west side of the river). Also, I believe it’s new that there can be more than 4 trains on a single line on this map.

The random placement of the first triangle on the west side of the river really affects the outcome… I got 1400+ passengers from one particularly sweet spot yesterday, so I’m betting that 1500 is still achievable… eventually.

Update 2019/02/22: eventually came sooner than I thought…


I’m facing the same issue as well, any word on if there is going to be a fix for this one?


Lol, did DEVs change the map? I got a square and several triangles!


I believe thy did actually, the most recent patch notes say “Saint Petersburg difficulty increases more gently.” and I got the achievement on my second try this patch after trying for 5+ hours on the previous patch.

My run this time I didn’t get any squares east of the river but a lot more triangles.


I just got a square on the east side! I thought it was a bug that a square station would spawn there Lol