Can/Has MiniMetro Been Hacked to Post Bogus Scores?


Is there any evidence of someone hacking into MiniMetro and posting a high score that is out of the realm of possibly? I’ve seen occasionally a score over 10,000 or at least 1000 passengers higher than the next highest score, which from what I’ve seen is impossible. In the end stage there just aren’t enough train, cars and tracks to handle all the stations maxing out and that score is just impossible to obtain. What is that one person doing that us experienced players can’t do, other than cheating!


I would say while it is possible I think it is unlikely. It is possible to get those scores legitimately but it takes ages (an hour+) because you are constantly pausing to move trains and carriages.


Yeah, sometimes we do have hackers. We try to clean out the scores that are obviously hacked, but some of the higher scores are actually legit so we try not to delete scores that are possible. (We accidentally deleted someone’s legit score and felt really bad).


Speaking as somebody that has scored almost 1000 points above #2 (in Osaka), I can attest, no cheating was involved. After a week or two of experimenting with shinkansen trains and locomotives, I stumbled upon this top score. Unfortunately, I took no notes. I seem to recall that 6 locomotives and the rest shinkansens was the last method I used.

I’ve had similar experiences on other maps, when I’ve topped my own top score by a huge margin because the count down timer just kept granting me a reprieve. Maybe there’s a hidden MM feature, something like, every time I burn 1000 MM weeks in the game, the count down timer takes a rest, and access to the top 10 is granted.


I cannot say I have seen a score on the nightly game that I thought was impossible. Some of the global all-time high scores I have wondered about.

The rules have changed from time to time and on some maps I cannot get anywhere near my personal high score for that map.

I would like to see rolling 30-day and 365-day global top 10 lists for each map. A 25th place all-time rank might make it into a monthly top ten; fleeting fame, but fame none the less.


Great ideas. If we could vote on this – you’d have my vote :wink:


Chuck it in a thread?