Can you "clock" it?


Hi all,

I have a map that has maximum trains/lines so nothing new is given bit it seems to be stable. It’s been running on high speed for about an hour and not hit a crash. Is it possible it’s just going to keep on running forever is some sort of stable state?



In “endless” mode you will get upgrades until you hit the 150/passengers per tick level, then you can optimize the level but will not get new upgrades from that point.

In “normal” mode the engine will populate stations until one overcrowds en the game ends.

At that moment you get the offer to continue in endless mode.



That’s kinda what I was expecting but this game has been going for 3 hours now in normal mode. I was expecting it to just ramp up till something overcrowded but it still hasn’t. I am almost wondering it it will stay like this forever.

Is there a way to see my score without disturbing the game?


It is in the top corner next to the clock.


I left it running all night - it’s still going. Not sure if I hit a good design or just some sort of a bug.


Add a printscreen, I think you are on endless mode, then you can’t die. Go out of game, go to the menu, change game mode.


Yup, that definitely sounds like you’re in Endless mode. If you send a screenshot of the game, we’ll be able to tell for sure.