Can't exit game on iPhone XR


EDITED TO ADD: I figured out the problem, and it’s not a bug in the game. Because the game is in landscape mode, one has to swipe from the long edge, in landscape orientation, to return to the home screen. Maybe I should leave this here in case someone else had the same confusion I did.

I just bought this game for an iPhone XR, and once I launch the game I can’t leave it.

The iPhone XR doesn’t have a home button, but uses a swipe gesture to exit an application to the home screen. This gesture doesn’t have any effect when MiniMetro is running. I can reach some iPhone pages like the notifications page, but nothing that allows me to reach the home screen or force-quit an application.

Right now the only way out is to shut down the phone and reboot it.


Thanks for the edit! The swipe-up gesture isn’t that nice for games, particularly in landscape. Originally Mini Metro had the giant default black bar across the bottom which made it obvious what to do, but didn’t fit nice aesthetically. The bar is now in the semi-disabled state, so you need to swipe up once to enable it, then again to actually background the app.