Can't make new topics in Lounge category?


Strange bug, do other people have it or is it just me?

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Can't make new topics in Lounge category? #2

I have the same problem, it no longer appears in the list of categories. I also can’t reply to any of the existing threads in that category, so I assume the category has been (accidentally) closed.

Edit: I think I found the problem.
The page below includes “lounge” to the rights of people who have earned the “regular”-badge, which is hardly anybody. Probably a mistake (either to only make the lounge available to regulars or to make so few people regulars).


Same problem over here.


This seems to be a consequence from the Discourse update that was made a few days ago - users need to be at least level 3 (which earns them the badge @Erwin linked to), or have moderator/admin rights to add a post to the lounge category.

The requirements for getting into level 3 are quite demanding, which can cause the user to lose access from one day to another. Since this forum was upgraded from an older version of Discourse, it seems like every user can at least access topics in the Lounge category, but I’m not sure everyone can post in it.

@peter can probably change this somewhere in the admin panel, or at least manually per these instructions.


Thanks for picking that up—should be fixed now. Not sure how that was reset when the install was migrated.


Based on this post, people can now post once again in the Lounge category, so I’ll close this topic.