Can't play today's iOS daily challenge. Already got a score


Even though I haven’t played the iOS daily challenge yet (NewYork Normal mode on April 18th), I can’t play and I already have a score that ranks me 5th with 1661 points.

Is it a bug? Or has anyone hacked my account and played under my name???


Hi Remy,

That definitely sounds like a bug! We’ve had that come up sometimes on Android but I haven’t heard of it on iOS before. Do you remember getting a score like that in the daily challenge exactly one week or two weeks ago? We rely on the Game Center leaderboards to only report back scores made within the last seven days, so maybe something’s up with the way it’s handling that request?


I’m not sure, I don’t recall exactly my previous scores, but it could be my last week score…


Got the same bug now for two days in a row. Maybe I had a similar Result some days ago, but definitely not in Shanghai like today. My best score in standard there is 25xx and today in the daily it says I scored 36xx

Please fix that because daily challenges is the only thing that brings me back playing every day.


Haven’t you beat your normal high-score on extreme yet?


Thanks for posting about this. There have been multiple reports about this happening, so you’re definitely not the only one. We’re working with Apple to diagnose the problem.