Carriage stays shaded forever


Hello everybody,

has that happened to anybody else? In Standard mode I can move a carriage to another train on another line. Normally and in the majority of cases, the carriage stays shaded until it is in full function and has “arrived” on the line.

In my mobile version on Android, sometimes the carriage stays shaded forever. It becomes operational, so no obstacle in game play. It looks most awkward when I attach another carriage to an affected train that then is “not shaded loco – shaded carriage – non-shaded carriage”.

Any answer is appreciated,




Ah alright. This was reported already for ios two weeks ago

“carriages greyed out: they’re running on the tracks behind a locomotive and picking up travelers, but they are greyed out.”

but no response so far on this little oddity.


Yep I have this too, only on mobile I think, on android. Will have a look at the PC version.


This is a known issue; we introduced it while fixing another, far less intrusive bug. :slight_smile: It’s been fixed here and will be pushed out with the next update.