Chrome OS Play Store Compatibility



love the game, bought it through steam as well as the Google Play Store.
I own a chromebook as well with access to the Play Store and I noticed I am not able to install Mini Metro on Chrome OS, would love to know if this is because the team is working on fully optimizing Metro for larger screens or if it is simply not going to be available on Chrome OS.
Thanks so much.


Thank you for the lovely praise (it’s always so nice to hear).

At this point, we don’t support Chrome OS, however we are considering adding it in the future. There are bunch fiddly little things that we need to make sure aren’t going to become big fiddly things. We have it in our to-do list and we’ll do some thinking about it in the new year. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


Is there any update on this. Im getting a chromebox soon and would like to have this great game to install and play.