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Update November 2014

Please take a look at this post for the updated rules for suggesting a city! Also (source):

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We’re aiming to release Mini Metro with 5 - 10 playable cities, with more added post-launch. We’ll definitely be including London, Paris, and New York. What others would you like to see? We’re looking for cities with an interesting geography (rivers and coastlines) and preferably an eye-catching subway map. We’d like the cities we include to have a good geographic spread.

Cities that have come up a lot so far are:

  • Hong Kong
  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Moscow

MiniMetro User Interface
Boston map/theme
Best game feat best subway system
Stockholm as available map?
Features for Caracas and Los Teques Metro
Seoul Metro / Tokyo Metro
DC metro map and other features
Seoul Metro / Tokyo Metro

Some suggestions:

I’ll stop there for now. :slight_smile: If you end up doing something with Hills or Ruins being obstacles, then Mexico City, of course, but I know that this isn’t on the roadmap.

Oh, and of course, Montreal, no kidding, I’ll be crushed if not in the release, ha!

DC metro map and other features

The San Francisco Bay Area!


While we do not have a subway system, I think the Twin Cities Metro area would be a good “map”. Mutiple rivers, spread out over a pretty large area and has 2 major downtowns.


I’d like to give a thumbs up to Sydney and Moscow.


How about New Delhi? (Map) Has an interesting geography. And I suppose it adds some variety!


I would be happy if Vienna is included (Map).


Everyone will mention their hometown (I think). so my hometown, Perth WA


Yep I’m fairly certain this may end up with everyone voting for their hometown. :slight_smile:

We’re definitely not against including cities without actual subway lines. An interesting geography is more important, and we can use bus or other transit maps as the colour inspiration instead. There are no subways in New Zealand, but we’d like to put Wellington in to the game at least (see above).

Some great ideas and maps so far. We may have a struggle on our hands selecting the first set of maps.


Istanbul & Wroclaw

I think that if you have access to topographic maps then you’ll have more to work with too. (ie hills are hard for trains & may need other methods: funiculars, switchbacks etc) although I’ve got no idea how you’d represent that.


Beijing and Tokyo :smiley:

(From Paris, France)


Hi Peter, thanks for the game!

As many I liked the alpha 10, and the others too.
They’re bringing a different game experience but I like both.

It looks like you’ve chosen your way on most feature requests and bonuses so my suggestion may be late.

I was thinking that the cities would not be just the same game with a different river, but rather a different mode of game or layouts. For example:

  • bonus repartition (you obviously need more tunnels in New York than London!)
  • max number of lines (7 at London, 8 or 9 at NYC?)
  • infrastructure bonuses if they come back (a city may prefer or allow capacity over speed or vice versa)
  • maybe bring back in different cities the bonuses coming on weeks OR passenger tresholds
  • or city-specific bonuses like 8-loops, forks (Paris has a few), high-speed trains that do only the biggest stations and omnibus that do all stations (NYC / Tokyo)… (I know they’re hard to code) depending on what you see the real-life cities doing.

A feature I would like, but that may be an entirely different game, is metro-vs-train service (french metro vs RER / Berlin’s U-bahn vs S-bahn): you give targets that are quite away from town (think airports) BUT you have a small number (1? 2? 3?) of higher-speed, higher-capacity trains.

OK I’m dreaming right now but hey, perhaps some other peeps would like it?

Stations have identifiers for 'town centres'

Yet another crazy bonus? Changing a shape or switching two :wink:

Oh, and yet another idea: the background would have zones or neighbourhoods growing from gray to white showing the city’s growing in population or popularity.
A popular-yet-uncovered zone would grow red and perhaps be a losing condition.

The new stations would pop on these neighbourhoods (eg when they reach white) so you’re warned in advance, OR you’d have to buy the stations (daily bonus ?) and plot the map yourself.

Oh my, that would actually require plasma-like equations (or multiply your pathfindings tenfold).

Well, forget it. This game is good because it’s minimal :smile:


I would like to add these cities on the list as well: Munich, Vienna, Madrid, Paris, Berlin.


How about New Orleans? Big winding river, canals, lakes–it’s got everything!


Sydney fits your needs. Big Harbour and a River


Glasgow for easy mode? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that Barcelona could be an interesting map: coastline in front and rivers in both sides. Moreover, it has a mountain near the central area.


I am Hongkonger.
This is a good news:D
I bought your game instantly…
Your game is kind of addictive:D


Whats about Berlin? I think this is an interesting city.