City suggestions


baltimore, boston and tunis


Glasgow! The subway there has never been extended since opening in the 1800s- so could be fun to play around with that! :smile_cat:


I wish we’d added Glasgow for the daily challenge on April 1st!


What about Cincinnati? It has the worlds largest network of abandoned underground metro tunnels


and even Pyongyang!!!


Perth, Western Australia! (Map: We’ve got a big, ocean coastline and towards Midland Station, there is the catchment area and the foothills, right before the beginning of the Darling Range (the Perth Hills)

Seeing as every map has a different game setting about it, (e.g. in Paris, stations are smaller than usual), Perth’s could be a reduced number of Budget increases per week, maybe one every two weeks.


I agree ! The developpers should add Lyon, the second largest city in France and its 4 subway lines and 5 tram lines. You could mix both modes of transport. For tram lines, use the old colors (dark blue, dark green,light blue, violet, orange) of the network because they are now all violets. Moreover, Lyon has the particularity of having 2 rivers (which join in a confluence) and 2 hills! Lyon also has two funiculars.

The new map :


Not sure if this came up before (I did a search in this thread but didn’t see it), but this book called Transit Maps of the World is a great resource to flip through and get some ideas.


New Delhi? 2nd largest city in the world


Middle earth cause who said anything about reality


What about stockholm, looking at the map seems like it would be interesting to say the least


Tokyo, please. Would be fun to also add in a multiple company feature.


I suggest Budapest as an easy map!


How about Pyongyang, North Korea?
The stations are interesting as the station’s depth.
This might get peoples trasfer late!
(Also as an easy map)

Pyongyang metro map


Would be neat if you could have multiple companies play on the same map in co-op. Especially since despite it being the world’s most used subway system, it’s still only 22% of Tokyo’s rail usage. It would almost feel wrong if the subways weren’t working with the other systems.


Boston, definitely. First of all, it’s the first subway in the United States. Also, it would be one of the hardest cities to conquer, as you have an entire harbor as well as many rivers to have to pass, but only four transit lines to do it with. Would be very interesting and fun.


Santiago de Chile sin dudas :smiley:


I suggest Nagoya map. :wink:


How much work does it actually take to make a new map?


What about Venice] They don’t have a rail metro but they have a dense network of river taxis