City suggestions


How about Bristol. Could be quite interesting what with Newport on the far side of the Bristol Channel. (To anyone who says that is 2 cities not 1 they did it with Mumbai. Technically only the actual island itself is Mumbai, the mainland is the province of Maharashtra. #GeographyNerd)


I had a look at the map of Bristol. Looks like a good one - wonder how the long the trains will take to get to Newport on the Mini Metro map!


A long time, part of the game like shanghai


Guess that map would have to have tunnels. Imagine the size if they were bridges


Just a thought, if the devs decided to do international maps would there be some sort of slowdown across borders to account for border checks etc. Or maybe the lines can only cross at certain points of the border. Or you have to transfer passengers to an AI line then take them on from the other side


Or they might have to wait at a station to be taken across the border. Or perhaps the line must only be short/a few stops when crossing the border


Exeter, it actually has a metro. One of the few British cities that does!


Johannesburg and Pretoria? Has a pretty extensive network:


Perhaps, although the lack of rivers and islands might make it a bit easy.


Seems pretty well-stocked in that department


Ah sorry - google maps wasn’t great at showing that. That would be a very interesting map to play on without a doubt.


Dhaka (map went when replying to boston)


Oo I like the look of that one


Hopefully Boston is included in the next update. It’s been asked for many times


Yes, this would be an awesome map


Those are main roads…


What are? There isn’t a map… Is there? I assume you’re talking bout Boston


I think a good map to consider is Manchester in the UK. the city dose not have a metro but the tram system has 8 lines so you can pick and choose the colour scheme and you can make use of the tram mechanic from the map Melbourne.the city also has the river irwell winding through it so the map would be quite interesting and provide another map in the UK.


also +1 for Johannesburg and Pretoria


Seconded, as a Brit I feel we need more British maps (but I’m biased)