City suggestions


I would suggest Stockholm for it’s vast amount of islands it’s built upon. This would make the map challenging and requiring good strategy.

Google Maps, Wikipedia, Webiste


I suggest Budapest, capital of Hungary.

Stylized railway map
Outlines and river


Hi, Peter.
First of all, Thanks for ‘Mini Metro’.
It’s really cool
I didn’t expect that I got headache because of the London Subway problem. even I live in Seoul
Anyway, It’s really fun.
Its very simple and also very complicated.

By the way. I Have a suggestion for new city.
The point is, I Singed up for Dinosaur Polo Club because only for this!


You can see the Official Map <- Here.
And This one is Unofficial Map. But It has better looks.

There’s express train at line No.9 (Brown color at official Map.)
‘Express train’ is stop only for transfer station.
and there’s High speed train at line No.1, (Navy Color)
(it called KTX. Its same as Shinkansen, at japan.)
and airport line, there’s KTX too. (light blue color, in the middle of the left edge.)

Official map is the more recent map.


I’m Colombian, and I live in Bogotá, the capital. Bogota doesnt’ have a metro but Medellín (the second biggest city in the country) does.
Medellín is a medium-small city with a river in the middle. But the most interesting part of the Medellín Metro is their aerocable lines. Those lines are not trains in railroads but aerocapsules in airlines (xD).
This is because Medellín is on a valley and the city expands along the mountains that surround the city. So it’s necessary a vehicle to “escalate” those mountains.

It could be awesome that a Latinamerican city appears on that game. There could be two kinds of lines.The train line and the aerocable line. Obviusly (ass you can see in the picture) they are much smaller than a train, but there are many more in a line.

I upload you the map of Medellín and it’s metro map

Fusion of Metro map in the Medellín geography map

The J, K and L lines are the aerocable lines and are always in the west and east of the city


Shanghai surely. The subway network is quite complex, and the city has two rivers passing through.


Here you have a better pair of maps for the metro in Barcelona.

I agree with you. At the same time, we could have light metro in the same map with normal metro, using different kinds of lines.

Here you can find the actual metro map of Barcelona:


Stockholm I would want very much. It has a very successful local traffic system, so I would want to see if Mini Metro can improve on it.


Vienna, Sydney, Istanbul, Salzburg, Madrid, Brussels, Bejing, Shangai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brighton, Valencia, Lizbon, Baku, Tblisi, Miami, Washington D.C, Warsaw, Boston, San Juan, Mexico City, Panama City, Perth, Stenengsund, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Riyadh, Algiers, Amman, Jakarta, Doha, Manila, Bangkok, New Delhi, Prague, Rome, Bratislava, Ljubjana, Gothenburg, Brisbane, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Budapest, Bucharest, Zagreb, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and so on…


We need to Seoul(Korea) and Tokyo(Japen).


Please add Seoul Map. + KTX too


Why no Seoul??? Please add Seoul. I would like to play it very much. Seoul is quite known for its great metro facilities and also for its complicated lines. Please add Seoul map.


i think seoul can be hardest level



South Korea, Seoul

Metro please …!!


Please, do an “easter egg”: Tel Aviv! They have no subway yet (and you may include the fictional Blaumilch Canal from Ephraim Kishon’s satire - seriously, look it up). Bevakasha? - Toda raba! :slight_smile:


Budapest, Hungary please :slight_smile:



Very complex with many transfer stations, I believe it to be a very interesting setting and quite a suitable map layout. The Han Gang River is a great feature of the city as I believe the river/tunnel system in the game plays a quite important role.


Seoul is famous for subway. They have 9 lines.
The map is here.


I think Houston would be a good map. While they do not have a metro system, they do have a light rail system and are currently expanding it. The ship channel and multiple bayous in the area would make a good map.


I’m surprised nobody mentioned the Tyne and Wear Metro (North-east England).

Here it is, it only has two lines, but covers a massive area of England:


My suggestion,

A very international and great city with one of the most complex metro lines, BARCELONA (Spain).