City suggestions


I suggest Chelybinsk, here is a link for official Tram map. I also suggest Ekaterinburg city, metro map Here.


How about Munich and Madrid?


I’m from Seoul, Korea and player of Mini Metro! I actually satisfied with this game. But I disappointed that there’re no Seoul map in this game… Because I heard that Seoulmetro is the one of the well made and well managed metro in The Asia
I want to suggest you guys one idea for Mini Metro Seoul version.
In Seoulmetro there are free, available Wifi is exist on train and station. And a lot of cultural event, cultural train(Advertising animation, local area) is occurred in the metro. So it is quite not boring to wait the train!! So I think much longer time on waiting time on station is quite fit on Korea map!
Thank you for read this words :smile:



heres another city for you at the moment!


Hi, Im not Indian; but an Indian city like Mumbai would be nice


Hello i’m player of Mini Metro. This game very fun. But i so disappointed. Why? Beacuse this game no Seoul metro.
Seoul metro is The world’s best subway. << Look at this.
and Seoul metro of 1 this metro 200km. Please made Seoul Metro


I suggest Warsaw trams (because Metro is 1 1/2 line crossed at centre). ut haw game play? Warsaw is Polish capital city touched urban sprawl, when new citizens will live out of city bounds. It generate high demand for transport services. Special stations will generate between city centre and peripherals but… Most of passengers will try travel to centre, to special stations. Spreading new stations only by lines directed to city centre. (star shape city).

Other city suggestion is Polish city Łódź or Wrocław with large gentrification problem when type of stations continuously change to other types.


Pyeongyang, North Korea GOGO


This whole thing is a mess now,
Who would expect that? xD

Looking at the Spreadsheet, the top 4 cities are from countries not yet added to the game. Would be interesting to see more countries represented in the game.

A Google Form could have been used, where users sign in with their Google accounts and can check off each city they are interested in seeing. Something crazy like this:


Yeah, this thread was set up when the game was in a much earlier state! We’re * almost * at the point where we can relax from the mobile build and get back to long-term support and more cities.

Berlin’s been in there for a long time though, so we have added the #1 choice!


I have to say, I think Philadelphia would be very good, seeing that there are so many different rail lines that operate through the different states, in between two rivers. If you guys didn’t as it, I would love to make it myself.


Prague and Vienna are a must


Seoul,Republic of Korea is the greatest city, 100,283 ㎢ of land but, 51,431,100 of people XD there is no land like this except Bangladesh. They have 1.8 times bigger then Korea but they have 100milion people but Seoul have beautiful subway lines


Taipei is the biggest city in Taiwan surrounding by mountains. Business districts and living area are separated by rivers.

Kaohsiung is the harbor city equipped with a great coast line.


Here’s the lastest metro map, which added Disney Line (Line 11).


It would definitely be awesome to see DC, I think that the Potomac & Anacostia rivers make some interesting geography that would be fun to play!


What about Busan? It has complex urban structure and coastline with bunch of mountains and islands.


Los Angeles


That looks like a boring map.

What makes a map challenging or interesting in Mini Metro is where the bodies of water is placed and shaped. What kind of network is already the city (if any) doesn’t affect anything.

Los Angeles (pop. 4 m) seems to have 8 lines; but no water (except the edge of the map), which makes it even easier than London currently in Mini Metro.

Stockholm (pop. 1 m) has 3 lines; with several islands in the center of the map, and two landmasses north and south. This would be a highly challenging map … for the most experienced players.


Singapore? Small but rivers and some islands could make fun high density map