City suggestions


Sydney would be great!


Buenos Aires Underground

The first section of this network opened in 1913, making it the 13th subway in the world, and first underground railway in Latin America, the Southern Hemisphere and the Spanish-speaking world.

I think it’s an interesting city and I would love to see it in the game. Maybe the most interesting part of the map is the downtown zone, next to “Puerto Madero” (the island) and the docks:


Oh yes I think this is a very nice idea. 台北大眾捷運系統 / Taipei Metro is mixed up with Light Rail and Heavy rail. Also it’s quite hard to transfer from line to line since we have to walk quite a long distance from line to line.
But on the other hand, it’s quite famous in Korean Internet, because mayor Ko Wen-je made 悠遊卡 / EasyCard with Takano Ai, who is porn star, as a model of its card.
And 高雄市都會區大衆捷運系統 / Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System will built 3 more lines in the future. And it’s also famous with 高捷少女 / K.R.T. Girls special metro card.


I know it’s been suggested before, but I really, really, really want to see Toronto in this game. It’s home to Canada’s first, largest and second most used subway system. The map is quite unique to the city, and the terrain of Toronto is pretty varied with the Toronto Islands, Humber Bay, the Scarborough Bluffs, The Port Lands, and Toronto’s many deep, gouging river valleys (a la Humber, Don, Etobicoke, Rouge, Highland). It’s home to 3 million people, and I feel it would be topically relevant as transit is always a huge, heavily debated topic here and it’s also constantly expanding. It would be cool if you could add streetcar lines to the Toronto map as well (similar to the Shinkansen in Osaka).

Topographical and borders:
Metro lines:

Inner harbour:

Lines: 4 (5 by 2021)
Subway lines: 3
RT (ICTS/Skytrain) lines: 1
LRT lines: 1 under construction, 3+ planned
Stations: 69 (heh) (75 by next year)
Streetcar lines: 11

Daily passengers: almost 2 million
Yearly passengers: 700+ million
Busiest station: Bloor-Yonge (key interchange, 500k+ uses per day)

Managed by: Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)


How about Istanbul? You would have the chance of writing something like: “Connect Asia and Europe in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Istanbul”


I’d like to recommend Hangzhou, China, where the G20 Summit was held. Though the city only has 3 metro lines running for the time being, there is going to be 10 by 2022, thanks to the coming Asian Games. There is a great river named Qiantang which runs across the city and the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou as is shown in the map below. There are also two lakes: the West Lake and Xianghu Lake. Besides, the Xixi marsh can also be a kind of water system in Hangzhou
The metro plan:

I labeled some urban facilities in the simplified map below (though the Grand Canal was not drawn in the map) . CBDs, train stations, the airport, universities, hospitals, and tourist attractions. The rectangual bluish part is the marsh. The green area is the mountainous area.


Current map of Hangzhou Metro


I just bought Mini Metro on Steam after Extra Credits on You Tube recommended it in one of its “games you might not have tried” videos. I’ve always been a train buff and buy the latest Train Simulator each year, as well as those Subway Simulator games, too.

I really like your minimalist approach to the game. I see lots of people asking for fancy features, but I hope you continue to keep the core game minimalist.

But since you asked, I do have some ideas…

  • More cities. Self explanatory :slight_smile:

  • More Lines. Some maps could be improved or more interesting if we could have more than 7 lines.

  • Do something (I denno what) to differentiate the cities more than just the shape of the rivers and whether the icons show a picture of a steam loco or a tram. Osaka has the Shinkansen, which makes it unique – that’s the kind of thing I mean to differentiate cities. But don’t change too much. Keep the core “Normal” mode minimalist.

  • Interchanges. When we are given an interchange allow us to place it anywhere. For example, sometimes I have a point were several lines cross each other but there’s no station there. That’s a perfect spot for an interchange station. So let me place it there and thus create a new station. That adds an element of strategy because the interchange improves flow, but adding a station increases passenger load to the whole system.

  • An improved Save/Load system of menus. For example, I’m playing Osaka in Normal mode; I save it and go play Paris in Endless mode; then I start a new Osaka in Normal mode and lose immediately, so I load my previous Osaka Normal game and continue. Any time I save a game, I can type a short comment. When I go to the load menu, the list tells me the name of the city, the mode, the date and time of the save, hours played, current score, and my comment. Thus I can have several New Yorks in progress in Normal mode, and several in Endless, saved at any given time, along with all the other cities. Oh, and please don’t impose artificial limits to the number of save slots. I have a big honking 6GB hard drive, and I hate games that limit me to 3 save slots for no good reason.


Can we please see Los Angeles get a spot in the game. Our system has been growing like wildfire in the past 10 years, and isn’t even close to finished yet. Not only that, but there are so many people I know who would want to buy Mini Metro if Los Angeles was added. Many of them don’t want the game simply because Los Angeles isn’t featured in the game. Thank you for your consideration.


not quite metro, but interesting layout. estonia, tallinn


What if you did Madrid even though it’s not enough rivers you could make stations overcrowd easily making it a difficult city or do Chicago


Washington D.C could be very topical right now. I would capitalize :wink:


Add boston! it would be an easier, simple level with four subway lines, there are rivers and the harbor to separate the map, and it’s the oldest subway in the USA!


baltimore, boston and tunis


Glasgow! The subway there has never been extended since opening in the 1800s- so could be fun to play around with that! :smile_cat:


I wish we’d added Glasgow for the daily challenge on April 1st!


What about Cincinnati? It has the worlds largest network of abandoned underground metro tunnels


and even Pyongyang!!!


Perth, Western Australia! (Map: We’ve got a big, ocean coastline and towards Midland Station, there is the catchment area and the foothills, right before the beginning of the Darling Range (the Perth Hills)

Seeing as every map has a different game setting about it, (e.g. in Paris, stations are smaller than usual), Perth’s could be a reduced number of Budget increases per week, maybe one every two weeks.


I agree ! The developpers should add Lyon, the second largest city in France and its 4 subway lines and 5 tram lines. You could mix both modes of transport. For tram lines, use the old colors (dark blue, dark green,light blue, violet, orange) of the network because they are now all violets. Moreover, Lyon has the particularity of having 2 rivers (which join in a confluence) and 2 hills! Lyon also has two funiculars.

The new map :