City suggestions


Not sure if this came up before (I did a search in this thread but didn’t see it), but this book called Transit Maps of the World is a great resource to flip through and get some ideas.


New Delhi? 2nd largest city in the world


Middle earth cause who said anything about reality


What about stockholm, looking at the map seems like it would be interesting to say the least


Tokyo, please. Would be fun to also add in a multiple company feature.


I suggest Budapest as an easy map!


How about Pyongyang, North Korea?
The stations are interesting as the station’s depth.
This might get peoples trasfer late!
(Also as an easy map)

Pyongyang metro map


Would be neat if you could have multiple companies play on the same map in co-op. Especially since despite it being the world’s most used subway system, it’s still only 22% of Tokyo’s rail usage. It would almost feel wrong if the subways weren’t working with the other systems.


Boston, definitely. First of all, it’s the first subway in the United States. Also, it would be one of the hardest cities to conquer, as you have an entire harbor as well as many rivers to have to pass, but only four transit lines to do it with. Would be very interesting and fun.


Santiago de Chile sin dudas :smiley:


I suggest Nagoya map. :wink:


How much work does it actually take to make a new map?


What about Venice] They don’t have a rail metro but they have a dense network of river taxis


Hey, would it be possible to make a map on Singapore? It is a small island but with a rather complete train network that is still expanding to cater to every household within 400m of a train station by 2030!

This is the current map now:


I love the idea, Venice is an interasting map, but i would like to see Rome and Milan come out first as they have interesting metro systems. Also the river Tiber flows through Rome and its metro has stops right outside Vatican City. That could be an interesting map as well.

  • Agree on Tokyo, Stockholm and Rotterdam (Actually, use the entire Kanto area for Tokyo extending all the way to Shizuoka and Chiba for the geography, and density distribution)
  • The geography of Copenhagen is also pretty interesting.
  • How about Pyongyang? I suppose many players would be interested in playing North Korea. And to reflect the characteristic of Pyongyang, can it have both subway and trams?
  • The old ropeway and cable car system in Chongqing are interesting but I cannot think of how that could be implemented into the game.


How about having some maps that are entire countries or regions. Examples could be the South East of England (Sussex, Surrey, Kent etc) as it has an extremely dense network. Doing maps like this also opens up opportunities for new features, such as rival AI or player companies where its survival of the fittest or something like that


Los Angeles reminds a lot of the map Sao Paulo we have in the game right now.


I’ve seen in Chinese communities like Minimetro in Baidu Tieba that most Chinese players want Guangzhou to be added to the game.
Guangzhou, a major Chinese harbour city on the south coastline of China, ranked 37th in GFCI, has just celebated its 20th anniversary of its metro. Guangzhou, like Montreal, has a landscape featuring rivers cutting land into many parts and forming isles, making the city a recommendable map for the game. Since the opening of the first segment, with the blooming economy and the boost of 2010 Asian Games, the metro network has developed into a large network of 8 lines, 1 APM, and an intercity metro. These lines sum up to 186 in number of stations, 306.8 km in length, and has a 7.36 million daily ridership and an annual 2.568 billion ridership. Now, there are 215.37 km of lines under construction, meaning that Guangzhou metro will develop into a much larger system in the coming years.
So much for the introduction. Chinese players hope Guangzhou to be added to the game!


Thanks for the info! I’m pretty sure Guangzhou is next on the list of Chinese cities to be added. It was one of the contenders for the first mainland spot, can’t actually remember why we picked Shanghai instead.