City suggestions


Rooting for the addition of Singapore map as well!
Singapore currently has 5 lines serving 106 stations in operation, with 3 more coming in the future serving an additional 48 stations. While the older lines are mostly above-ground with about 1/3 stations underground, the newer lines are mostly, if not entirely, underground (e.g. Downtown Line is fully underground).

Some unique challenges posed for the Singapore train lines are:

  1. The North-South Line (NSL) had to cut through a hill or go under ground level at certain sections of its line (multiple passable obstacles).
  2. The Downtown Line (DTL) had to go from side-by-side to vertically-stacked at one of its station because it was squeezed between a major canal and the deep foundation of nearby buildings (impassable obstacles).
  3. There’s a large reservoir in the middle of Singapore, which so far the government is not allowing any tunnels to go underneath it (large impassable obstacle). This causes all train lines to circumvent it like a giant roundabout.
  4. Recent upgrade of signalling system for the older lines resulted in frequent massive downtimes during peak hours.
  5. Limit land capacity also limits the degree of bend possible for tracks, making it that stations have a minimum distance apart, and you can’t link two stations that are too close for creating tracks in-between.

I see potential new game mechanisms or choices here, such as technological upgrades to improve train speed and pick-up/unload efficiency, large geographical limitations such as specific, large areas that are marked as impassable to above- or under-ground tracks, minimum-degree of bend for tracks so that it is not possible to link a trio of nearby stations in a triangular track formation (i.e. They must be circular, not straight lines, and if the circular lines cannot be fulfilled because of neighbouring impassable areas, then this line cannot be built).

More info below on Singapore’s train system:


If the developers were to add Vancouver into the game, I think it’d be interesting if the third line featured shorter trains (like Cairo or Mumbai). The other lines would have standard-sized trains. This is because short platforms on the Canada Line (Line 3) means it can only handle short trains. Canada Line’s platforms are only half of what they are on the Expo/Millennium (Line 1/Line 2) Lines.

I’m not sure if this is doable but I think this would be a fun mechanic.


I think it’d be cool if you guys were to add a city that was doesn’t really have an extensive metro system but is very well known for its traffic, like Los Angeles, Manila or maybe even Miami. Los Angeles has a metro system but its definitely not very good, the traffic is horrible. Maybe a “connect the huge sprawl of Greater Los Angeles” type scenario? And with Manila being the densest city would be interesting. Greater Miami would be cool I think, with Miami Beach and Key Biscayne off the coast of mainland Florida.


I’m addicted to the game so I’d thought I’d make a suggestion for a new city in the game. I think Dubai might be a good city to include seeing that they have a monorail system already, which you could add like the bullet trains in Osaka. Also, the city is growing so quickly it might make for a scenario like the one in
Hong Kong. Dubai also has the two (only one is currently open) palm islands which would make for some interesting geography.


Sorry it’s actually called the Dubai Metro. Here’s the current map. It only has two lines at the moment and there is also a tram line which you could integrate with the monorail/metro system. They are planning to expand the network in the future.


Map by 2030.


My suggestion for a challenging map is Dublin, Ireland. At the moment, Dublin has a grand total of two tram lines, Red and Green, making up the Luas (Irish for “Speed” system. The two lines aren’t even connected. In December, the Cross City line is expected to open, but it is considered an extension to the Green line. There’s also the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport), but that’s a whole different type of rail. My concept for Dublin is that it would be like a more difficult version of the London map. With extremely limited lines (2-3), and the River Liffey dividing the city in almost halves, I think Dublin could be a good challenge that makes use of the nature of the city’s light rail.

Maps for reference:
Luas map (Including Cross City):

Map of Dublin rail services, published by Transport for Ireland:


This could be kinda neat! It would be less about the number of people transported via the metro and more helping to ease off the traffic of the city by having a more efficient system.

I am likely getting way too complicated, but I wonder if we could have a “trust” meter in there somewhere too, ie the people would only choose to leave their car at home and take the metro if they get to work on time regularly, and if they don’t, they go back to using their car.

That’s a fun idea. I don’t know if its something we could implement at this point, but is fun to think about. Cheers!


A trust meter sounds fun, maybe it could be a new “reliability” game mode?

Reliability Mode

Ok I know this sounds stupid but could you do Hyrule from Zelda? The map from Breath of the Wild would be pretty challenging with all its rivers, canyons and mountains.


What color will you choose as the metro lines? Green for classical Link, Purple for SSB Zelda, and blue for BotW Link&Zelda…?


I was thinking simply having the colours of the rainbow


Guangzhou doesn’t have enough lines to bring good gaming experience.


So what about Westeros in GOT?:wink:


Beijing, which is also a metropolis,is a good choice. Here are some reasons.

  1. There are enough metro lines and varios stations.

  2. There are different scenes. For example, in the morning peak time, many commuters will go to urban area from the suburbs by subway.

  3. Good color scheme!

If there is a shortcoming, maybe there is no wide rivers in Beijing.
But we have another choice, Nanjing.

The Yangtze river meanders through this city, which is challenging for players.


All the devs do is use the map. The number of lines can be far more/less than in real life


What about the Portsmouth, Southampton and isle of Wight region on the south east of England. Would certainly be a challenge with all the rivers and the Solent.


Well, thus Nanjing can be made like Berlin.


Seeing as we are suggesting fantasy maps why not Middle Earth? No shortage of rivers and mountains (mountains could be a map-exclusive feature, you must have bridges for the rivers and tunnels for the mountains, could be quite a cool dynamic)

What about Chicago

Perth, Australia? The most isolated city in the world (with over one million people). Doesn’t have a metro system yet, but Transperth have a train network, currently very boring with 5 lines (it’s more like 3 though, as trains don’t terminate at Perth, but usually continue on the line opposite to the line of origin), however the city extends quite far north and south which could be a challenge, especially if only given 3 lines. There’s ocean to the west and the Swan River runs just south of the CBD. There’s also the Canning River that comes off the Swan River to the south. There are plans to extend the current lines and build a new one too.