City suggestions


Oo I like the look of that one


Hopefully Boston is included in the next update. It’s been asked for many times


Yes, this would be an awesome map


Those are main roads…


What are? There isn’t a map… Is there? I assume you’re talking bout Boston


I think a good map to consider is Manchester in the UK. the city dose not have a metro but the tram system has 8 lines so you can pick and choose the colour scheme and you can make use of the tram mechanic from the map Melbourne.the city also has the river irwell winding through it so the map would be quite interesting and provide another map in the UK.


also +1 for Johannesburg and Pretoria


Seconded, as a Brit I feel we need more British maps (but I’m biased)


more south American cities would be good too such as
Buenos Aires


and maybe another Chinese or Indian city because china has over 2.5 times the number of metros as the U.S and India having just under that of the U.S but there is only 1 Indian city and 2 Chinese cities in mini metro whereas there are 3 U.S cities
for china I recommend Wuhan

for India I recommend Delhi

just less U.S cities please


To be fair the US has the more recognisable ones but, yes, I also would like more obscure metros. Like Dhaka (scroll up a bit) or Glasgow.


For the last comment I was focusing on more Chinese cities and maps from that part of the world as well as some maps from new countries witch is why I recommended Buenos Aries but Dhaka would work well. In addition there are no middle eastern maps witch is something I’d like too see in the game. The comment about U.S maps was merely an observation about the number of maps compared to other countries with more ir a similar number of metros.


Hello, guys. I’m here to suggest my home city. Our map is not so interesting (imo), but in my vision it’d be great variant for smth like tutorial city.

I’d like to introduce to you Minsk - 2-million city in Belarus, Eastern Europe.

Here’s a map of city with rivers (well, really there’s just one big river, it goes from north-west to south-east. The most part of water at the south and east of city are locked into pipes. Red points with unreadable for most of you cyrillic names (sure, names doesn’t matter here, but I could translate them if necessary).

Okay, many people (red points are just living places, river from nw to se, big water at the south and south-east, distant districts (see far north-east, south-east, far north, north-east, south). And also we have an airport to the east from city (15 km).

Map below is projected by city authorities map of Minsk Metro by 2030. Thickness of the line depends on its crowdness. According to map, you may see that we have overcrowded center of city. (Note from me: I can’t say this map is true right now: ending stations are very popular on each line, idk why are they thinking that way)

And now, why I think this may be tutorial city: because of our metro system as it stands for 2018. Map is below: next post, please :frowning:


Hello, it’s me again

Just 2 lines with 3rd under constructing. And I must say that there are many places we’d like to connect to metro, but… it’s all about money.

If developers are interested in my suggestion, I can help them with information about city, crowdness, plases, etc.


Minsk looks awesome, with all those rivers and lakes it would certainly be a challenge. Don’t worry about accuracy on station layout and so on because the stations are randomly generated each game so they don’t tend to follow the actual layout in real life. Only the geographical features are the same each time. In my opinion this would be one of the harder levels like Auckland or Osaka


Wellington! It has an awesome map and loads of different transport types that could be a map exclusive!


i strongly agree, wellington would make a very interesting map with it’s coasts and islands


Hello. I want suggest the new city in Mini Metro. It is ‘Tokyo’, Japan. Tokyo is the capital city in Japan. In tokyo, There is 13 subway lines. Please make ‘Tokyo’ map with 7~8 lines among 13 subways line.

(Tokyo Metro’s subway line)
If you can’t see this file, go to here.

Thank you for reading this!


I like this map! Would it be too similar too Osaka though? The map looks similar to what we have already in Osaka (if rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise) Also more Shinkansen maps are good.


Since there are 3 American cities, why isn’t there a third Chinese city? Since there are Hong Kong and Shanghai, Taipei will be a recommendable city so that the three major parts of Greater China will have their respective map.
Taipei, like Sao Paolo, is divided into several parts by rivers, adding difficulty to the game. Taipei Metro, a member of the CoMet, has 5 urban lines(one coming soon), 2 branches, an airport express and a gondola. Since the first segment was opened in 1996, the system has developed into a web of 108 stations, 131.1km, and an annual ridership of 740 million. In the game, the map can be designed with 6 to 7 maximum lines, 4 to 5 initial tunnels, and a difficulty approximate to that of Sao Paolo.
So much for the introduction. Taipei is another map Chinese players want to add to the game besides Guangzhou. Hope Dinopoloclub will add it!