City suggestions


At the risk of being politically insensitive the city of Taipei is part of Chinese Taiwan. Not the People’s Republic of China. I do feel I need to point that out.


Cities in the game are not country-specific.


I still felt the need.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been suggested before, but:
Los Angeles
Mexico City
I don’t care if you only add any 3 of these places, I’d love to see these get added as time goes on.


Glasgow, you forgot the world’s best metro. And as previously mentioned Taipei. That would be a challenging one


For Vancouver, you could probably make all the trains short ones like Mumbai and Cairo – I noticed 90 second headways at Commercial & Broadway one day … they keep people moving, but all the trains are really just glorified tramway cars.

Also that Vancouver illustration doesn’t really illustrate the incredible traffic jams that occur crossing the two main waterways separating Surrey to the south, and North Vancouver to the north. Those places just keep on expanding with more car drivers. The MM map should be cheap with bridges, generous with train cars. and mostly “O” stations beyond the water ways.


Sorry for late reply, been on holiday, but referring to the Johannesburg - Pretoria suggestion.


just bumping for relevance that yes, vienna should definitely be included in the game. the danube with its many (artificial) tributaries and the (often neglected) wien “river” would provide a nice challenge. and quite often you hear that vienna’s public transport system is among the best in the world, if not the best :wink:


Reykjavik would be a really challenging map on a par with Auckland. It has no metro system (or much public transport at all that I could find.) But it would be an awesome mapScreenshot_20180225-193122

City Proposition for Mini Metro : LISBON!

Other cities you might consider:

Baltimore, MD


Do you have maps of those? Jerusalem sounds good.


So, I put my proposition there :hugs:

I’m living in Lisbon, Portugal and looking at the metro map it’s really looks like they made the subway lines in Mini Metro, 4 colors, 4 lines…
The 2 good points are : the game can add Lisbon as a just full-continenental map, the first one, without bridges, an other way to play… :grin:


Or even better, add the metro boats, like you can see on the metro map, Lisbon have also boat lines (some stations when you leave the subway end by a quay to take the boat to cruise the Tagus River ! That map could add a new gameplay, very interesting and break a bit that idea “Always the same”… So what do you think players ? :star_struck:



And, I forgot, the legendary tramway, the famous electrico ! Very small for a lot of passengers (cause of the tourists) Could be added on game like a 4 places like in Cairo.Tram_28%2C_Lisbon%2C_20051011


I recommend busan, the second biggest city in South Korea, and Also Coastal.


Tokyo Odaiba Area!
google map:

railway map around the area:


it would make a great map, but it would take a while to create.


Gets my vote, that would be challenging to manage the islands.




An addition to ShinYu327’s Tokyo suggestion: Here is a complete map (please let us have this many lines) of the Tokyo area


Prague pls !!! :slight_smile: would be nice to build a metro in my town :slight_smile: