City suggestions


Tokyo. Japan

Busan. South Korea

Beijing. China

Taipei. Taiwan.

Madrid. Spain

Los Angeles. USA

Moscow. Russia

Mexico City. Mexico

Brussels. Belgium

Milano. Italy

Chicago. USA

Manila. Phillippines

Sydney. Austrailia

Vienna. Austria


This guy does maps. Yes to all of them!


I dont know, maybe Santiago de Chile??
I realize that Santiago is not a relevant city, but the Santiago Metro is not so complex and the city is practically easy to draw.
Map of Metro de Santiago


But Santiago does have a River; the Mapocho River
And in the south is the Maipo River.
Perhaps that you have a point


Pyongyang please!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Here is a map of the Pyongyang metro for reference, complete with conventional railway and planned metro line.


I would love to have more Canadian Trains like, Edmonton (My home-city!), Calgary, Vancouver. Any of these would be awesome in the game. Especially seeing Edmonton even though most don’t really know about it. It’s still the capital of of our province!

Thanks! -Rusty


What about Liverpool, the first passenger railway line was built between here and Manchester, and the River Mersey splits it off from Birkenhead. Its also got a sort of metro, Merseyrail


I’d like to humbly suggest Seattle, my hometown, which I believe would be an interesting and challenging addition to the game because there’s just so much water.

In fact, the geology is so challenging that our current underground transit system (the LINK Light Rail) has literally only one line that goes north/south. Fortunately it’s being actively improved over the next 20 years, and I hope that in the meantime Seattlites can live out our fantasy of having a real transit network by playing Mini Metro.

I’m not sure whether it would be better to 1) just focus on the Seattle city boundaries, making Lake Union / Salmon Bay the primary obstacle, 2) zoom out to Bellevue / Kirkland (which we call “the east side”) and challenge players to bridge Lake Washington, or 3) zoom out even farther and get Puget Sound and Bainbridge Island in the mix.

Hopefully this is helpful. I’m hoping to see more levels added to the game soon regardless of city! :slight_smile:


This map would be awesome and is by far my favourite suggestion. Devs take note of this one!


I second Seattle, it looks like a good map


Portland(west coast) is a great city for a new tram map, having only melbourne is just not enough tram. I’ve never been to Portland, but it just seems really nice for a tram map, it’s got 2 major river too. I was oringnally going to suggest Toronto, but the lack of geography features makes it not so intresting.(I know there is a lake and a few tiny pretty much unhabited island off downtown, and the lake is way to big to cross.) Anyways even if you don’t consider Portland because is not so famous, please make another tram map!


Fixed what???


I feel that Brisbane, QLD, The World, The Universe, The … would be a great fit as a map featuring buses (see this post: Take the Bus, Silly!) It has an exciting network, a river system, a CBD (Central Business District) and has an overall very exciting feel.


The Metra system of Chicago would be perfect for this game. Also a recognizable image that’s been redesigned and used for tshirts, visual art, and the like. Please please!


Map for reference


I wouldn’t mind this, it has a nice city centre and aesthetic appeal


BRUSSELS! Belgium (i posted another post about brussels btw)My other post

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I was thinking about Hiroshima, Japan. It has several big rivers going through the middle. So, it will be challenging getting the railway to go across to the other side of the city. For Hiroshima use street cars or trams because (I think) they have the largest street car system in Japan.
Here is the map of Hiroshima for reference.



I also think Yokohama(and Kawasaki), Japan will be a good map too. It doesn’t have a big river but there is a river between Yokohama city and Kawasaki City. Also it has lots of peninsulas and islands around so it will be difficult to get across. I will suggest 6-7 lines because Yokohama station has 6 train companies stoping at the station.
Here is the image of Yokohama for reference.