City suggestions


Barcelona would be a great city! It has an extended metro with 11 lines.


I don’t know if you guys are still taking suggestions for future updates, but… MANILA, PH!

Here’s a map of the planned lines in the Greater Metro Manila area

Note: the teal line is actually a rarely-used ferry-line the mapmaker integrated into the map.

And here’s a map of the current rail transit lines and the rivers in the area (more geographically accurate)



How About (Korea)Busan? Busan has many livers, and Busan City Metro has 6 lines.


+1 to Amsterdam, Sydney, and Chicago.

Each city presents a unique set of challenges.

  • Canals
  • Harbor (north, south side setup)
  • Suburbia sprawl with a loop style city center lakeside


Even as for me being a Malaysian, seeing Singapore added as a map made me envious; why doesn’t Malaysia has their own map?

First, Kuala Lumpur. It is a city of 1 million people but when accounting for the nearby suburbs and townships, it goes up to 8 million people.

Transit map (current and future):

A redesign by Inat (and I highly recommend this consultancy; they’re the closest real life map thing I’ve seen to resemble Mini Metro):

There are lots of current (and future) transit lines which are more than of the max 8 lines, but the ones I wish to see are:

  • Kelana Jaya Line (pink)
  • Ampang Line (Golden-Orange)
  • Sri Petaling Line (Brown)
  • MRT1 (dark green)
  • MRT2 (yellow)
  • MRT3 (grey) [cancelled line, but that doesn’t stop the dream of having a loop line!]
  • KTM Seremban (dark blue)
  • KTM Klang (red)

These lines has a significant ridership and are among the (and some soon to be) important ones carrying people within Kuala Lumpur.

(See post below on geography, cause new users can only create 2 images per post)


Now, geography. The Klang river (the main river) converge in the centre of the city before heading to the Malacca strait (the sea). The Klang river branches a lot into the northern suburbs of Kuala Lumpur.

Rivers go to a branch in the city centre, as seen here:

The map may be preferable to be centered at Kuala Lumpur as thats where all the rivers are at.

Really hope KL gets a shot at this.

Official map (looks like shit) for reference:


The second city I’d like to recommend is:
Georgetown, Malaysia.

Although any transit lines do not exist yet, the city government is very eager to start building.

This map can be presented as a geographical challenge due to the fact that (the richer) Georgetown is located on an island and main transport links come from the (poorer) mainland. Many stay at the mainland and commute to Georgetown by driving via the 2 bridges linking it.

Old map of Penang (including water bodies, and the lack of the second bridge):

Now, there are plans to be trams, metro trains, and monorails under the Penang Master Transport Plan which can be used as a reference for the game:

Current rail infrastructure only includes a regional commuter rail operated by the state railway company, KTM, and a funicular railway operated by the state for Penang Hill. A ferry service is operated from the newly opened Penang Central terminal which is also utilised for taxis and regional buses. This also connects to the main station serving Penang.

A square station on the island (and other special stations ie for the airport) would be interesting to see how players can get commuters and tourists from the mainland while balancing tunnel usage and capacity.


I’d also love to see Boston!

We complain about public transit here endlessly, and I’d like to see if I can do any better.


! There’re some river go through the little city.And some lakes were put around the city.To get to more must upgrade your tunnel or connect more stations to go around the lake.Maybe Nanchang is a good choice.