City suggestions


Gosh I would LOVE to make a Polish map-pack. Maybe something you’d wanna collaborate on in the next little while? Wrocław and Szczecin sound perfect, and like I said I have a soft spot for the Katowice tramway just because it’s where my family is. I’ve added your Łódź map to the mod in the “extras” folder, by the way!!

Send me a DM if you wanna work on some more maps! :sparkles:


I suggest a map of the city Rotterdam! It is the second largest city of the Netherlands and currently has 5 metro lines expanding over the metropolitan area of Rotterdam-The Hague. Rotterdam is the lagrest port of Europe and the city is therefore formed around its harbour, offering many intereeting bodies of water, with many of the historic harbors in the city center and large modern harbors towards the west of the city. I really hope you guys will add this map, I linked some images to give an idea of the geography :slight_smile:

Map of the port:

Map of the city:


Also, this is the current metro system:

And these are the plans for future lines:


Hey just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed playing your Lodz map. Great fun and really challenging. Keep it up!


Epic port of Lodz for Mini Metro More by the way, although if the description could be translated to English (as its now in polish even on English), that’ll be great!


Polish version:
“Sprostaj problemowi wąskich uliczek szybko rozwijającego się miasta przemysłowego i połącz fabryki siecią różnych tramwajów.”

English version:
“Manage the problem of narrow streets of quickly developing industrial city and connect all factories using combination of different tram types.”


I suggest a map of the city Tokyo, and Hokkaido!
Tokyo - Capital of Japan. There subway is very complicated. and, have a lot of floating population. (TOKYO METRO website)

Hokkaido - Japan’s largest prefecture(Todofuken). but, there is have very small metro (Sapporo metro). and have a low floating population - then many train stations are disappearing or train does not stop.

(Hokkaido Shinkansen is still under construction…) (JR Hokkaido website)

(can you add Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and… Okinawa …?)


It is the oldest electrified underground railway system in continental Europe, and is only pre-dated by the London Underground

Metro Network in Budapest


I recommend Nanjing, China.
It’s the host city of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. It is also a famous historic city in China, with in total 10 dynasties’ governments choosing it as their capital. The Yangtze River flows through the city with two islands in it. Besides, Nanjing has a big lake (Lake Xuanwu) and a big mountain (Mount Zijin) in the city centre, which make the city map unique. If Nanjing is added in MiniMetro, Lake Xuanwu would cost extra tunnels and Mount Zijin would not allow metro lines to get through it (actually this is true in real life).
Sincerely recommend Nanjing.
The screenshot below shows part of the city with Lake Xuanwu and Mount Zijin. The coloured lines are real-life metro lines.


I recommended Pyongyang, North Korea.


Seconded for Pyongyang


How about Newcastle - the Tyne and Wear Metro!