City suggestions


I think Houston, Texas would be interesting just because of the sheer size of the city and the three downtown areas.

Also, connecting between European cities would be fun.


Pyongyang :north_korea:
Madrid :es:
Glasgow :uk:
Atlanta :us:
Vancouver :canada:
Boston :us:
LA :us:
Miami :us:
Tashkent :uzbekistan:

thats alot


Absolutely perfect! Liverpool all the way!


I would suggest Beijing and Nanjing in China as options
for Beijing, although it doesn’t have many rivers , it has a lot of ancient building sites and ancient city walls that can be regarded as rivers
for Nanjing, apart from complex river network(Yangtze and Qinhuai river),it has ancient city walls that can be also seen as an obstacle to get through.Also Yangtze can be seen as a special river that needs a different kind of means to cross
and the two cities has interesting metro networks that connect far suburb area to downtown,and you updaters can consider local and rapid trains to run
relevant info can be simply found in google using words 北京地铁,北京古城墙,南京地铁,南京古城墙(北京 and 南京 in Chinese refer to Beijing and Nanjing respectively)


Will the system for city suggestions be updated? Given the OP is from 2014 and many suggestions at the top of the spreadsheet have now been added. (Berlin, Stockholm, Seoul, etc.)

When I bought the game this week (and fell in love with it by the way, bought on 3 different platforms for convenience sake!) I was surprised to find Boston is still missing considering its unique geography (2 rivers and a peninsula with massive traffic to Boston Logan airport) and being one of the oldest and busiest trains in the world.

What would the spreadsheet look like now past 2014 I wonder?


totally agree, Kyiv please!