City suggestions


What about, for easy level!


This is the map of Guangzhou Metro . Although it is old map , the river is ture . Now Guangzhou Metro open Line 6.

I found a better map , Look ! this map is 2003 .


Paris has got both metro and train nets.

The metro is very dense, and the map is, to me, interesting :

Bonus : the first line is yellow, the fastest inner-city train is red, and the second line is blue. That’s how I play the game :smile:

There’s also outer-city trains :


It would be very good if different cities had different network parameters according to their geography, bringing variety to the game. E.g. some places may have more tunnels, others may grow more quickly or offer more lines or more bonuses (so some cities could be easier than others).

Also, you could easily have some visual variety by adding hills/mountains as obstacles, in addition to rivers. In fact, tunnels would be good for both, so it would not change the gameplay, but just the appearance.


Shanghai and Washington DC would both work well - Y shaped river layouts.

I’d like Chicago even though the lakefront wouldn’t really play into the game very much. If you can manipulate spawn locations to keep the squares along the lake, though, maybe you could generate some fun linear/radial maps. And there is a river to contend with as well.

Seattle would be excellent - peninsula, lakes, etc.

Tianjin has a really fun river shape, but it’d just be another river map.

Finally, cities on straits could be interesting especially if tunnels couldn’t be of infinite length (i.e. you had to tunnel only at certain points where the strait is narrower before it opens back out). Candidates might include Istanbul or Detroit + Windsor.


We’ve looked at Chicago. The lake would make it a very distinctive map, even if it didn’t affect gameplay too much.

Limited-length tunnels sound like a great idea for increasing the influence of large water features. It hasn’t been a real issue yet of course with London or NYC.


Having different cities develop differently is definitely something we want to work on. So they don’t just play differently due to their topology but also have different station ratios, zoom rates, spawn rates, etc. Some cities will have short games, others much longer.


Me too! hehe!
Very excited to see HK map.


Don’t forget about the greatest metro of them all, New York City’s MTA!!


Oh, it’ll be included. It was in a few of the earlier alphas, and was quite challenging, especially Ellis Island. :wink:


ha, thanks… so exciting!




I had to scroll down a bit before I saw one person mention Boston. Definitely think
that would be a good add on city (routes under the Harbor, two rivers that have to worked into the game).

I know a few people said BART (San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit) but as a daily rider there isn’t too much interesting things to it. Just one big bay in the middle (no multiple bodies of water to worry about).

Boston map/theme



Washington D.C. would be a great map along with Santiago, Chile; Montreal; and Istanbul.

There are also some cities that don’t have a large subway system (or even any subway system) that would be good maps. Those cities include Lagos, Nigeria; Perth, Australia; Tampa, Florida; and Haifa, Israel.

DC metro map and other features

Santiago doesn’t have rivers or anything, just the mountains. At least for now, MiniMetro only worries about bodies of water. If it included other types of obstacles, such as mountains or ruins or unstable ground (think: Mexico City!) then yeah, Santiago would be a good one to include as well. Maybe for MM2? :wink:

Lagos is a good one, I like the layout of the bodies of water, and the South Tampa peninsula looks like it’d be a challenge ineed!


We’ve started on the maps for the initial beta release. The ones we’ve built so far are:

  • Auckland
  • São Paulo
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Hong Kong
  • Montreal
  • London
  • Paris
  • New York

We haven’t done any significant play-testing or balancing yet (except London and NYC of course), so there’s no guarantee that they’ll make it into the initial beta release. But there’s a very good chance. :smiley:

We’re looking at several other cities that we haven’t mapped yet. We don’t have any from Africa yet (Cairo’s a possibility), Japan, Australia, or mainland China.


What about the Ruhr Metropolitan Region? I’d really like to see this map because it could be really huge as you can see here:

In fact it’s mostly no metro, but I’d love to see a map like this or another German city.

Keep up the great work!


Islands, a very long wide river, airports, and more!

“Seoul Metropolitan Subway has been described as the world’s longest multi-operator metro system by route length…The system was rated the world’s best subway system by CNN,[10] Jalopnik,[11] and nicknamed “super highway” by the BBC.” - Wikipedia

Hard to find a good map but here is one:


I’m from Holland, and really love your game.
I’m not proud to mention my hometown, but Amsterdam has an interesting geography I think. Maybe there are a bit too much canals, but you can leave some out if that fits you more.