City suggestions


Hey, just discovered this little fun game, the alpha looks really good, congrats!

You should definitely check out Madrid’s metro system:

It’s one of the most impressive of all Europe (if not the most) and it has a river crossing the south-west area. Also, the official schematics looks a lot like minimetro!

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Just came across this unofficial map of Norfolk, VA. Some interesting river geography there.


WOW. Now that is a metro map!


Nice, very elegant. I’m somewhat familiar with that corner of the world too, my wife Mary is from Virginia and has some extended family in Norfolk.

Seeing the roads on the map does make me think about a more in-depth transit simulator, with a proper city growth algorithm …


You should try to play Cities in Motion (though I’m afraid it might contaminate your vision for MiniMetro)… Once v. 1 is released, look at options for MM v. 2 :slight_smile:


Chattanooga, TN doesn’t have a great transit map, but the city has some interesting geography:
Map of Chattanooga, TN


@richardmtl That is not Ellis Island, but Governor’s Island :wink:

Anyway, I vote for these:

LA would be easy mode, I want it added just because of the distinctive look of the map.


Chicago has already been mentioned but it might be cool to recreate the nature of the L. Since a lot of the L is an elevated subway, the map could make it so that you can only make lines corresponding to major roads of the city or make the lines only turn at 90 degree angles.


Also, I second Istanbul:


Is Chicago being considered? I think it would be an interesting choice, if for no other reason than the real EL layout is so poor. Maybe somebody can improve on it.


Definitely! It’s not in the list for the beta, but it will likely appear at some point post-launch.


Rome! It’s perfect!

1)It has already many metro lines in all the city, easy to pinpoint the stations
2)It has the Tevere river though all the city, making gameplay more challenging
3)It is definetly a crowed city and it’s very important with all the storical building in it, they can become a sort of obstacle or difficult station

It’s gonna be an hardcore map


I have thought the same thing for some other cities as well, such as my favorite, Mexico City. Water is the only obstacle so far in the game. Adding “ruins/old buildings/some other impassable thing” is definitely an interesting idea, but I don’t know how it would fly in the game and how easy/hard it would be to implement.


I have suggestions of subway maps here:
Toronto: Plain, but interesting set-up of the lines as well as future lines: current:,

Beijing: Currently only many confusing straight lines, but to become the world’s longest subway by 2020 with 1000 km.
Lima: Two rivers that can disrupt the player from building extra lines without tunnels.
Washington DC: Plenty of rivers that would be a challenge.
Sydney: Enough stations and rivers for it to become a hard map.
Tokyo: The stations allow confusing lines all over the map.
Guangzhou: Lack of connecting subway routes allows passengers to get jam-packed into several stations, causing the player to included station upgrades.
(I was only able to put up to two links in the suggestion)
I may post more suggestions in the near future, however I hope that you will include these for the Initial Release of Mini Metro.
Have a great summer!


Look at the Istanbul map. I’d like to play this one!


The copenhagen metro including the upcomming city-ring (city-circle) The copenhagen metro runs onto a island! and under alot of canals - map


Definitely some interesting geography there!


I don’t know if it’s already been suggested but the Naples Metro System might work well as a tutorial/ early level to play. It has two lines and twenty stations, though you might need to use some poetic license to connect the two together as they are separate (Mergellina is fairly close to Vanvitelli).

Additionally, the Copenhagen Metro system might work well for the same reason as the Naples Metro. Again it has two lines with twenty two stations. Also those two lines are linked together. They might make for good tutorials (though whether or not the game needs tutorials is another question).


How about future Prague?

Seems quite nice to me…


You could offer cities in the Latin-american area… there would be plenty of people willing to buy the game there :wink:

I suggest Sao Paulo, Brasil, because of its crazy geography (mountains and valleys) and its rivers.
Bogota, Colombia would be also a nice option