City suggestions


Sao Paolo is in the beta, actually! As for Bogota, there are no major rivers, and at least in Mini Metro 1, mountains aren’t taken into consideration (but I hope they will be included in Mini Metro 2, Mountain’s Revenge! :wink: )


I vote for Prague. Prague is beautiful. In 2010 Prague had the fourth best public transport in Europe. Article in Czech language

Sorry for my bad English


Interesting river geography; kind of like a sideways London map, but with a few islands in the river.


Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan!

SInce there is already have “Taiwan Traditional Chinese” language option, I suggest these 2 Taiwan cities which also have metro running now!


Berlin or Hamburg - 2300 bridges in both cities and more rivers and canals than in amsterdam or venice. Hamburg also has alot lakes
Munich - My hometown, easymode because there are nearly no rivers but many lakes. Would be also cool to add the Transrapid skytrain with 500 km/h of german engineering^^ ( you just sit there and watch the speedometer rising (
Istanbul - Very interesting because the Mediterranean Ocean and Bosporus is among Istanbul and Metro lines will connect Europe with Asia.
Moscow - Worlds most amazing an beautiful Metro
St. Petersburg - Also very famous and many rivers or canals
Cape Town - 270° surrounded by Ocean


St. Petersburg is already included in the beta, just not unlocked.


Please, add Rotterdam! :blush: Can be fun with part of the Rotterdam Port!




Shanghai has a nice geography, and it’s one of the longest metros in the world!

Metro map:


I must agree to Stockholm - very interesting geography.

And I feel obliged to mention Copenhagen (as I am from Denmark), though I guess it would be a somewhat dull map.


Prague (the Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary). :slight_smile:


I have to mention Tampere, even though it doesn’t have a subway system, but it has interesting geography (stuck between two lakes with only a small strip of land connecting the eastern and western halves of the city), and there’s been lots of debate about public transport here lately.


Berlin is great! But Hamburg is interesting too.


Munich is a single-river city but in Berlin there are many channels.


Berlin, Hamburg and Munich have very interesting U- and S-Bahn-Systems. But my hometown Augsburg is to small, right?


I agree to add Vancouver , San Francisco , Tokyo , Washington , Seoul and Berlin


Shanghai actually looks like it could be a very good map. nice! :smiley:


-Tokyo as mentioned a few times before, would be a cool small metro map, that, if you wanted to included some water could have a line go to mainland China.

-For a South American map, Rio de Janeiro could be a dark horse, especially if you add in a line or two through the Guanabara bay mouth, the Lago Rodrigo de Fritasand and other lakes around the area.

-As I was randomly screwing around the internet, I found the Santo Dominigo metro map which looks like it could be a good fit, it has several lines within a medium (Relatively speaking) area with several rivers.

-Thought it only currently has a bus system and does definitely not add location diversity, the metro area closest to where I am, Hartford CT has many rivers and a large metro area.

-Setting already suggested like Vienna and Munich would be interesting to see.

You are doing a magnificent job on the game Peter and I can’t wait to see Mini Metro in the next stages of development!

(Edit: Having trouble with the new user only two links per reply limit, will only include Tokyo and Rio maps for now)




cause i am from vienna i would love to see vienna (austria).

some nice rivers in the northeast part.