City suggestions


Would love to see Vienna as well, it has a dense map near the center and also the danube running through higher up.

The poster above me has linked a map


I’m also all for Vienna. Our city would be a nice addition to the game. There actually is one more river which is not pictured in the official map so I quickly drew my own version also including future line extensions.

A simplified map like this would look gorgeous in Mini Metro:


Washington DC
New Delhi
Hong Kong


+1 for Vienna.#
But if not - what do you think of a City-Editor? With that in mind, i think Lots of Cities will pop up in the game community.


bay area rapid transit (BART) would be amazing, big sea cities and islands, also venice would be brilliant with so many canals


I think Vienna might be interesting, considering the river topography.

See for the current metro+suburban rail network
and for planned extensions.


Glasgow (UK) please.


Yeah Stockholm would be really great! Plus they’ve announced an expansion of the subway lines making it even more intricate and interesting. The many different islands of the Stockholm Archipelago would make it quite challenging, and a lot of fun :smiley:


What about rotterdam? i made a basic map of it and if you want to see it ill improve it a little more and mail it to you dinopoloclub. (the map could be usefull as ingame map but i think the resolution is a little to low for that. (i aso think (annd know) that it wont be added with 1 email but o well i can try XD )


Liverpool/Merseyside. While not all the loop is underground it is still an interesting place.

The entire Birkenhead/Liverpool area is split by the Mersey. The map above is just the Liverpool/Birkenhead area but it does expand all the way out to the North West through to Chester and South Port which is coastline. I ride this system most days. Loads of stations in a tiny area.


Can we have Auckland as well?



Seoul would be an interesting city to play, as it has one big river (Han River), which goes through the center of the city and divides the region in to Gangnam (South of River) and Gangbuk (North of River). The map could start with Seoul area, and stretch to Seoul Metropolitan area as it gets bigger. After getting bigger, it would be nice if Incheon area is shown (Incheon Metro is actually included as part of Seoul Metropolitan Subway in real-world) - with sea and Yongjeong Island (Seoul-Incheon Airport).
MAP: Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp. Cyber Station (english)


Situated at the southernmost part of Korean peninsula, Busan serves as one of largest port cities in the world. With its large ports, Busan completes logistic line of Busan New Pier - Incheon International Airport. As a city, Busan has very interesting terrain, as southern/western part is the South SEA, central part Hwangryeong MOUNTAIN and Oncheon STREAM, and east part Nakdong RIVER. Just like the city catchphrase “Dynamic Busan”, its terrain and living environment is very dynamic.
It also holds BIFF (Busan International Film Festival), which is one of most prestigious international film fests every year. It was once host for APEC conference, at Busan Nurimaru. Next year, IUPAC conference - so-called UN of Chemistry and ChemE, will be hosted in Busan BEXCO.
With these international spotlights, Busan would be a perfect choice for building an interesting map.
MAP: Busan Transportation Corp / Humetro (english)


Kyiv pls. With more islands on the river (look them up in Google Maps) it could be interesting!


What about Athens, there are rivers and mountains as well and some islands like Salamis.


Pittsburgh also has a nice map:


Can we please have Taipei in Taiwan? Has the Danshui River run through it and has an interesting geography. I would really like to see San Francisco Bay Area too.


Map for Taipei, Taiwan



Tokyo Subway map

This includes the ones that are not underground:


— Definition —

Caracas Metro

The Caracas Metro (Spanish: Metro de Caracas) is a mass rapid transit system serving Caracas, Venezuela. It was constructed and is operated by Compañía Anónima Metro de Caracas,[3] a government-owned company that was founded in 1977 by José González-Lander who headed the project for more than thirty years since the early planning stages in the 1960s. Its motto is “Somos parte de tu vida” (translated as “We are part of your life”).

Los Teques Metro

The Los Teques Metro is a suburban mass-transit system that is being built in the city of Los Teques, Venezuela with connections to important surrounding cities and communities. It was opened to public service on November 3, 2006.[1] The Los Teques Metro currently operates as one line connecting 2 stations; however, additional stations are now under construction.

— Description —

In Caracas Metro, the river is Guaire, be sure stations as Capitol, Capuchinos, Miranda Park & Miranda Park II and Venezuela Square & Rental Zone (in Spanish: “Capitolio”, “Capuchinos”, “Parque Miranda”, “Plaza Venezuela” and “Zona Rental”) as Cross for Capitol, Miranda Park and Capuchinos, so plus at Miranda and Venezuela Square & Rental Zone Stations as Star; these stations are liners exchangers. In Capitol Station are exchangers of Line 2 and Line 1, Capuchinos are most newest exchangers for Line 4 (now renamed into as Line 2), Venezuela Square & Rental Zone (in spanish called “Plaza Venezuela” and “Zona Rental”) are exchangers for Line 1, Line 3 and Line 4 (now renamed Line 2), in Miranda Park (in spanish called “Parque Miranda” and known previously as “Parque del Este”) & Hugo Chavez Station (also called Miranda Park II, in spanish called as “Parque Miranda II”) possibly new exchangers for Line 1 and Line 2 (which is named as line 5, the construction phase of the same line).

In Caracas has a river called guaire river. In Los Teques also has a river is the Rio San Pedro (the tributary basin of river guaire) and ends with the river guaire. Line 5 (once opened and automatically renamed as Line 2) will be opened between 2015 and 2017 approximately.

The image of the Caracas for future subway lines (including Los Teques) is included.

This image for Caracas Metro and Los Teques Metro (see at the bottom left corner):

The image of Caracas & Los Teques Metro with rivers Guaire and San Pedro, are as:

Relief Map of Caracas

Image are is (relief with stations):



Would love this game even more if Singapore is included as one of the initial playable cities. What would you do in a small metropolitan city with 5.47 million people and manage its metro (we call it the mass rapid transit). The geographical shape of Singapore will look more aesthetically pleasing too and would be just the right size in my opinion