City suggestions


What’s about Berlin? :smiley:


Taipei looks good! What about Manchester, UK.


+1 for vienna.
it’s where I live. the city is situated near the danube river, which is split in half by a long artificial island. theres an original arm to the north and a canal through the city.
the public transportation system is often referred to as one of the best of the world.
the metro has 5 lines and 104 stations.

here’s how to pronounce the stops in english :smile:


I’d say Ruhr, Berlin (yes it has lakes and rivers, dont get fooled by the metro map) and Caracas


Hi, I’d like to suggest new maps, which are Seoul metro and Tokyo metro.
They are quite known for their complex and huge metro system, so it would be fun if those cities are added to the game.
Seoul has a river running through the city, and Tokyo is located at the coast with few islands, so the game would not be too boring.
I’ll attach the metro maps.

[Tokyo Metro Map][1]
[Seoul Metro Map][2]



somwhere in the alps maybe?


Prague, Berlin and Vienna please! :sunny:


Please consider adding Bristol as a map, it has the river Avon and interesting habour-side features.

While the city doesn’t actually have a metro it is the home of a number of lines made by Brunel.


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While it is an overground system with very few lines, I must put down my hometown one of Sacramento lightrail. I think the rather wild way that the rivers run would offer an interesting experience as an easy mode level. map



+1 for Hamburg.

Relief and lakes:

Metro map (sorry, PDF only):


Yes I think munich S-bahn


If you are going to do Chicago there are several options you might consider. One is to include RTA’s Metra Commuter Rail Trains as part of the rail network. While fares issues have kept system integration slow, eventually, better route and fare payment options will be available.

The second option to consider is to use the routes and stations that were available around 1900 when the Chicago Rail system was much more robust, more lines and more stations. I’m not sure to what degree your software allows the addition of new stations as I found it today, such as one at the end of the Green Line at the Museum of Science and Industry (4 Million Visitors Annually), but that would be an interesting feature as well.

Am just about to buy your software on Steam. Good luck.

Peter James Foote
Former Transportation Research Board Committee member, now retired.


Mumbai would be a great addition. Has an interesting shape.


I would like to see maps like Paris and London get revised to look more realistic like New York.


I can’t find the post where it was mentioned, but the maps are made to look like their real life versions; the New York map looks more realistic in real life, so the map in Mini Metro also looks a little bit like real life - the London map, for example, doesn’t look like a normal (geographical) ‘map’ at all in real life, so this style is also used in the Mini Metro version of the London map.

edit: here’s a post claiming something similar for station outlines.


Buenos Aires has one of the worlds most extensive and well planned sub-way and train layouts in the world. I’m amazed that it’s missing.


I just updated the city requests spreadsheet, which now also includes cities mentioned in the Steam thread and likes from this thread for the past two weeks.

(I was actually notified that sharing had been disabled for some random reason via an access request, so I changed it to make viewing it without registering possible once again!)


Maybe have it as a hidden easter egg? Like you have to click the background stations in the right order or something. :]