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In your data you include Auckland, which has already been added.


Updated the spreadsheet to remove cities that are already included in the game per @Onjit’s note/suggestion


Vancouver has a nice layout but there is no “vote me” post for it. Here it goes.


I see Glasgow made it into the spreadsheet! (I wasn’t being 100% serious as its just a loop.)
BUT, with London having the overground and the DLR (Both non-underground for the most part), I don’t see why the greater Glasgow area couldn’t have the rail system.
Nice map too:


(I am Chinese,so my English doesn’t well)

What about Nanjing(a city in china)?
The Changjiang River(the third longest river in the world) and Qinhuai River go though Nanjing.Nanjing also has five islands.
Here is the wiki about Nanjing Metro:

(There are more maps about Nanjing Metro in other replies)

If you want a map of Nanjing,here it is:

I hope my hometown can be added into the game!


We do really need some Chinese cities implemented in the game.


What about Hamburg, Germany?


Understandably, everyone suggests his or her hometown, but I’m not sure if this does improve Minimetro regarding gameplay (and marketing, too).
If it’s just about “hometown-ness”, better add a map editor and an online map exchange. But stuffing the game with two dozens of maps just by vote and not by feature is consuming time that could be invested elsewhere to more effect.

Munich, for example, has been suggested quite a few times, but makes up a rather boring map with just the river running straight from south to north. Seriously, play Cairo instead: same layout, same game.

Berlin and Hamburg are more interesting choices. Berlin with the winding Spree river and one or two canals in the center, and the lakes east and west of the city.
Hamburg has the even bigger Elbe river, which divides into two streams just south of the city and joins again in the central harbour area, the harbour making up sort of a quarter of the city itself. Two smaller rivers join the Elbe from north and east, there’s a big lake in the center and endless canals.

John_McFo posted a nice map (a few pages up) which shows just what I’d look for: Interesting topography.
There is no use in a “my city has an advanced (or unusable) metro system” quite a large number of all suggestions start with – the goal of the game is to build the metro system yourself based on almost random stations! Who cares about an existing system?

A good suggestion should IMHO include a topographic map as John’s, preferably with the existing metro stations marked to get an idea of the needed density (or map size) in-game.

Now, apart from this matter regarding gameplay, I’d try to spread the maps a bit more evenly around the world. Surely there a more buyers to please in Europe and North America, but yet I think the rest of the world is underrepresented, especially South America and Africa with just São Paulo and Cairo.
Europe, on the other hand, currently has three cities. Maybe each continent or area should have at least two maps before adding more to Europe, even if this means adding cities which have no real metro at all. Bright new future for them! ;]


I would suggest my home town as well, Hamburg.

Mainly because of its topography.

Metro map | Geographical map


Seems similar to Osaka IMO


I want to see the Seattle area added!


How about one map for Copenhagen and Malmo? That will be different, and not too unrealistic:


I would like to suggest Beijing as a city to include in Mini Metro, as I believe there are compelling reasons for its inclusion. Beijing’s Subway Network is the busiest and the second longest in the world, with an average daily ridership of over 9 million people. From my own personal experience, it is a marvel to travel on - taking you anywhere in the city with great efficiency for a very cheap price. However, while these may be good attributes, they are not the reasons I feel Beijing should be considered for Mini Metro. The actual reasons are:

  1. There are currently no maps for mainland China, which represents a very big market for the game. Adding Beijing to the playable cities could increase the appeal to the Chinese market, and would improve representation of Asia.

  2. Beijing presents an opportunity to include a map that is very different to all current maps within the game. Unlike the other cities, Beijing doesn’t have significantly long or large bodies of water such as rivers or coastlines, as it is an inland city and only has a few lakes near its centre and some others scattered around with the parks. This type of geography would create a nice contrast to the other maps, and it means that tunnel upgrades could possibly be omitted from the map. The developers could also consider adding other features or a different upgrade for the map.

One idea would be to add a small restricted zone in the location of the Forbidden City and Zhongnanhai (the central government headquarters) that players would have to divert lines around, which would represent the way there are no lines going under there in the actual network. Another idea would be to have a few more lines (e.g. a total of 10 lines) and a bigger zoom out range to better represent the scale of Beijing’s subway network. Beijing also has many parks throughout the city, so perhaps these could be lightly marked on the map to add a bit more spatial reference for gamers (since there is less water).

I completely agree with @Eric about only adding cities that will improve the game by offering a more diverse selection of maps, and including metro systems that will represent all continents. By choosing Beijing, both these ideas are supported, as it adds a unique map to give more variety in gameplay, and it gives more balance in the representation of continents in the game. If you agree with my suggestion and would like to see Beijing in Mini Metro, please like this post :slight_smile:

Official Subway Map:


I would like to suggest adding Rio de Janeiro city. This has already been suggested by @The_Bacon_Ruler, but as the topic guidelines recommended not liking posts with more than one city suggestion, I decided to create this separate entry.

Rio de Janeiro’s has two metropolitan train systems: Metrô Rio, which is the subway itself, and SuperVia, which is a train system like the Long Island Rail Roal in NYC, as I understand it. It also has Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines and is implementing a light rail system in the city centre (VLT).

The subway system is rather small compared to the city size. It has two lines (line 1 - orange and line 2 - green). A map with the existing stations and lines is available in This map also includes the two subway bus lines in blue.

A full public transports scheme map for the city in 2016 is available in This includes the new subway lines 3 and 4 that are being currently build.


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I would love to see the DC Metro added along with Boston some time.


At least one person has suggested Toronto, and although I would love to see Toronto on MiniMetro because that is my hometown, I don’t really think it is worth it–it’s just a lake with a river perpendicular to the coastline. And the river doesn’t even make it into the transit map.

Instead, you should do Ottawa. There are two rivers, both with islands, a canal which turns into “the world’s longest skating rink” in the winter, and a lake.

Here’s a link to a transit map.


Moscow and Tokyo has my vote


Well, I just bought your game this afternoon. I would like to add my hometown, Guangzhou :slight_smile: And i prefer to call it Canton :smiley:


Yeah Vienna is definitely underestimated! Would love to see it in the game