City suggestions


There’s been some development recently with 4 new stations opened in Prague on A (green) line:


I see there is only Paris who is sugested in France… So i sugest Lyon, wich have an island like!



I feel like San Francisco would be absolutely amazing, I have been hoping you guys would implement the bay area. More American cities would be nice as well. (Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, and maybe Baltimore!)


Probably it wouldn’t be included but whatever, Warsaw in Poland doesn’t have a decent metro system (only two lines), but it has pretty developed rail system. It doesn’t have much of geographical difficulities really with only a river going in the middle, so it would be a great city for beginners.
Here is the rail transport map:

And Map of Warsaw from Google Maps

It would be a great choice as a representant of this part of Europe! Hope it’ll get in!


Maybe Amsterdam/ Rotterdam :slight_smile: Would be nice to have something from the netherlands in the game :wink:


I can think of many, such as;

  • Copenhagen / Malmo - in one map could be quite interesting
  • Rīga - Perhaps rather basic but has a couple of good river systems
  • Lisbon - There is a good degree of separation between peninsulas
  • Reykjavic - Possibly quite small but has great geography
  • Shanghai - Been suggested a few times but has a great geographical area particularly to the west
  • Stockholm - Many different islands which could be tricky but fun
  • Phnom Penh - Quite Complex
  • Seattle - Very complex!

Hope this helps in some way? :slight_smile:


Can you add Mexico City Metro


Still no BART? Been waiting a while for it and you would think it would have been one of the first ones to be included.


The game hasn’t properly launched just yet (August, I believe), which means this is still true:

We’ve locked down the cities that will be included in the initial launch, but it’s very likely we’ll add more during 2015.


For Toronto, their is a underground LRT currently being constructed and two other LRT lines due to begin construction so you should add those to the map, plus their is the Downtown Relief Line which still hasn’t been approved but you can add it to the map if you want

Line 1 Colour: Yellow
Line 2 Colour: Green
Line 3 Colour: Purple
Line 4 Colour: Light Blue
Line 5 Coloir


I found out about Mini Metro just today; after playing for a while and seeing the tweet on city specific gameplay I must suggest Bogotá D.C. (which has just been mentioned before).
It is commonly said that Bogotá is the only city in the world of its size without an underground, and the current massive transport system is heavily criticized, working with a capacity that doesn’t keep up with the needs of the city. You can see some (nice) pictures of it here.

Only buses run on the system lines, with one or two ‘springs’ or ‘accordions’ as we call them, for either single or double articulated buses ONLY.
More than a city, this is a suggestion for a different, fast paced, game mode, based on both limited carriages (and resources, inb4 local corruption) and heavy user base. You can see some rush hour pictures of the system here.

Now, it had been pointed out that Bogotá does not have any rivers across it, which clearly goes against the current gameplay, but I believe a mode with more limited upgrade options and a heavier contrast between rush and off hours would be interesting, just as Bogotá which besides its chaotic public transportation has plenty more know and love.


I would LOVE to play my own hometown, which is WARSAW.

Because we only have ONE-AND-HALF metro lines -_-

It would be amazing. Like: 'look at this poor souls on Praga South District, I will give them some transport"
(Praga South is on the eastern-south from the Vistula River ) ^^

Only one river though =/


What about Seoul (South Korea) ? I is quite a large subway, with the Han River in the midst of it. There are quite a lot of lines, but it feels really well put together. Actually, I bought the game thinking that the Seoul subway was in it. ^^
Here is a map : (I’m not sur if it is 100% up to date, though)
There is also an interactive map here : (which is most probably up to date)


My suggestions are:

Cape Town


I don’t know if you’re still considering adding more cities, but I think Seattle, while not being a huge or particularly famous city, would be an interesting addition. It has a ship canal connecting Puget Sound to the west with Lake Washington to the east, and the Duwamish river separating the residential area of West Seattle and the commercial and industrial areas of SoDo and Downtown. And while it may not have a subway system, it has both a light rail and a network of buses that operate quite similarly to a subway.


And what about the most beautiful polish city? Kraków (Cracow) is the main center of tourism destination. We haven’t got metro yet, but we have large tram and bus system. Just look:

Wish I would play with my loved home! :smile:


I’m really quite serious in suggesting that you may wish to include very significant and difficult levels that involve fictional and futuristic Mars and Moon colonies.

Using geographical data from maps of Mars and the Moon, having to build tunnels across craters and perhaps fictional futuristic artificial lakes, etc., you could very well have a special space edition of Mini Metro.

The city name and location would involve the name(s) of the most significant mountains, plains, etc. of these celestial bodies.


As a separate post and idea:

You could do a transcontinental view of the Earth, where you make a metro system across all the continents and oceans of the world. This would require the heaviest and most creative use of tunnels especially if you managed to include individual islands. How this would zoom out would be up to your discretion, as I imagine a lot of man-hours to create this.

Spiritually, I like promoting the vision of a united world without the concept of states or cities.


I’m also for Prague!

Pre-builded railways

Atlanta it be an easier map though because it has no tunnels, Chigaco also be interesting