Colour the overcrowded indicator


The overcrowded indicator for stations connecting several lines can confuse for not signalling which line is overcrowded. Is it possible to colour the indicator accordingly?


Just wondering, on which system? And if possible, see if you can nab a screenshot?

#3 (182.4 KB)
System iOS, device iPad Pro 9,7 inch. Magnificent for Mini Metro!


Alright, please wait until either @peter or @shiprib comes and check your feedback.


Overcrowding happens on per-station basis, not per-line. So the indicator will always be the same grey/black colour.


I understand what you mean. I should have asked: is it possible to colour the indicator according to the causation degree of the underlying lines?


Ah, I see. Maybe? It’s not something that we’ve thought about, I’m thinking about how we’d actually work that out. We have got a lot of requests for more information about lines such as capacity usage, wait times, and length of time that passengers that have to wait, so once we add a way to view those underlying statistics perhaps we could link that up to the timer.