Community Translation Dropped?


Hi! First of all, it’s nice to see a new Switch ported version as well! Congratulations!

I was community Korean translator 2 years ago, and I saw this issue on Twitter and reminded me of Transifex project.
However all I can see is “This organization is currently inactive. An administrator has paused the subscription.”.
Did you dropped community translation? If so, can I ask you why?


Thank you! Radial Games did all the heavy lifting for the Switch port so all credit goes to them. It’s been almost two year since the last big release (on mobile) so it’s been pretty exciting.

Thank you for your work on the Korean translation! We found that, over all, supporting community translations is too risky unfortunately. If we didn’t update Mini Metro with new cities it would be more workable. What we had happen a number of times was someone would translate the entire string table into their language, we’d add that language in the next update, but then two or three or six months down the road we’d add a bunch more strings for a new city or feature and the original translator had moved on. Nobody else would be interested in translating the new strings, so we had the option of removing the now-incomplete translation, keeping it in there with it mostly translated but with all new strings in English, or officially supporting the language and paying to complete the translation (and having the existing translation looked over). None of them is a satisfactory option. What we have now is a handful of unofficial, partially-translated languages that we include only on desktop, and a larger list of officially supported languages that are included on all platforms.

What we also had was a number of translators who would go through and alter some existing translations. I don’t think anyone did anything malicious, but it did cause issues. For example we had some complaints about bad grammar after changes were made to the French translation at one point, and occasionally some issues with inconsistent tone.

The worst issue so far has been the issue with the Korean translation you linked to. Ironically that was not from a community translator, but a professional who was just meant to translate just the achievement text but also went through all the existing translations. When that error was first spotted I had a friend look over the whole Korean translation again (we initially assumed it was done deliberately, and they’d sabotaged the whole translation). Turns out that was the only issue and it was most likely a typo. A really unfortunate typo that got a lot of people understandably upset.