Competitive mode


Every time I want to play Mini Metro with a friend, we have to wait for our daily to refresh. When the daily is refreshed we both stream our Mini Metro to each other and play the daily. After the daily is done we can’t play the same seed anymore.

What would be a solution is a custom seed system, which is bad in my eyes. Especially with achievements in this game. Would be somehow a shame that people could get ‘good seeds’ to get achievements fast etc.

What I would suggest is a 2 player lobby, to invite each other into, maybe even hosted local or something and if you start the game, with 2 players, it will give each other the same seed and let you see each other’s score.

I saw other people their 2 player mode’s topics, but with affecting the gameplay.
This doesn’t seem to be game changing or breaking, just an addition to the game.

Any suggestions/thoughts on this one?


Thank you for your suggestion. Having a multiplayer function is something that we have talked about (in various forms) and hangs out on our “maybe” list, but it’s a huge undertaking to do, and at this point, it’s not part of our plans.