Continuing a regular game in endless


This bug appeared after the most recent update that added San Francisco (Gamma13). After you loose a regular game you get the option to continue in endless mode. You continue in endless and sometimes the game decides that 63 (or whatever, something less than the top efficiency score) is the max population and ‘ends’ endless mode. Among the choices that come up is the option to continue in endless mode. Before the update, the menu disappears and the game UI reappears and everything continues (you always eventually to the next target score and get a new train and second choice). After the update, when the menu disappears, the game UI does not reappear, just the map: no clock, no lines and trains at the bottom, and no left arrow in the top left, when you get the next target score you get your train and second choice but without the UI there is no way to add them to the map. hitting the escape key gets you to a menu.


I have the exact same problem. Continuing in endless mode will allow you to get more achievements (trains, carriages, …) but you will not be able to use them as the game UI is not shown anymore :disappointed:


Are you able to reproduce this bug often times?


I can reproduce the game UI vanishing every single time. The max population changes for every city (or game?) though.


Do the following:

  • Obtain the output log file for the session where you try to reproduce the bug.
  • GIF of the bug. (Use Gifcam)

And then upload them all to this thread.


Yes. Occurs every time.


The developers need the 2 files mentioned above in order to take action.

Please provide the output log and the GIF animation of the bug. You can find the output log by reading the stickied thread on the forums.


OK I have the files but the forum here says they are too big to upload.


Ok, let’s try this.

For the text files, use Pastebin or Hastebin. Copy the contents of the output log files to either one of those, save the paste, then put the link below. That should probably help.

As for the GIF files, you can use Google Drive (via your Gmail account, which comes included) or DropBox. You can also use Gfycat / Streamable services to upload large GIF files.



Sorry about this! We’ve pushed an update in the last few days which has fixed this problem. If you’ve updated to the latest build and still get this, could you let us know?


I missed that, Thank you for the fix.