Could not connect to leaderboard error on Ubuntu


Finally purchased and bought the game on steam, and I must say that I really love it. Unfortunately I can’t access the leader boards or the daily challenge. I do have a working internet connection, and all my other games seem to be fine.

It sounds very similar to this post:

Thanks in advanced!

I’m running Ubuntu 14.04 btw.


Are you have troubles with other issues other than Daily Challenges in the game?

Because that issue is for Mac OS X, I am guessing your issue is more different than you’d think. Please wait until a Dinosaur Polo Club representative comes in and discusses this.


That and the leader boards. It’s as if the server is down, but I doubt that is the case. I am not using a proxy or vpn that might be black listed. Mac OS and Ubuntu, while indeed quite different, are similar to a degree. If they aren’t specifically building for each release manually (and instead using a tool), I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t something similar.