Creative mode suggestions


Creative mode is really cool, but there are three things I would like to see in it.

1- in the station edit mode, I think a button to randomize every station’s shape and another to randomize the number of passangers would be a good addition.

2- an option to change the size that the stations appear on the screen, as with the current size it is difficult to recreate real-world metros as the stations are too big and therefore look too close to each other. (Like how making a station an interchange makes it appear bigger, I want the ability to make them smaller).

3- the ability to name each station and have the name appear either underneath or above each station, as this would make it easier to create and keep track of real-world inspired maps, and allow for creative naming of imaginative new cities. This would really bring it to life.

Thanks guys for a great game!


These are great ideas! Number 3 probably wouldn’t work without number 2, because the names take up space. Would names be resized as well as the stations? I am also wondering whether different stations could have different sizes. That probably wouldn’t work very well, because the smaller stations with interchanges would look like bigger ones. My other concern is that the names would get in the way of stations which are close together. This problem could be fixed by their being like a watermark rather than solid text. Hopefully Dinopoloclub will add these!


I’d add to that the ability to start a game in normal or endless mode & switch to creative at either loss-of-game or max city growth.


Yeah, that’s a good point with the station name font size. I guess if you wanted dense stations close together, you could just name the more important ones? Because that’s really up to the players what they want to do with something like that. By ‘watermark’ do you mean slightly see-through/opacity? Because that’s a great idea too. And something like that would hardly be challenging to incorporate. And yeah, I think station size would have to be the entire map at once, rather than each station individually. Like a slider or something.


I don’t think that this is a good idea
I think that the end goal for creative is to be able to share it with friends and to catch bugs
We’re about halfway there, and it’ll, take some more work (a lot) to get it over the finish line
This idea feels like it’s trying to be too real world, and defeats the purpose and simplicity of the game


Yes, by watermark I mean see-through. That’s how you could make the stations close together but not have the font of one station covering up the passengers or something. And you probably wouldn’t have to name all of them. Still, the names might seem distracting and hard to read. Maybe you could also implement new types of trains, like a two-capacity train that is faster than the Shinkansen, and have them designed by the map creator.


Oh, that would be cool.


What I miss most in Creative mode, is a counter of PAX/TICK. I really would like to push the counter up as much as possible.