Custom Naming Stations and Routes


I know that there has been a topic about the ability to name a route and a topic about the ability to name your stations, but I don’t think that there’s been one combining those two!

I would like the ability to name both routes and stations in the game. I just think that it would be a lot more fun. For example, how cool would it be (while playing the Paris map) for a busy station to be called Gare de Lyon? (One of the main stations). Of course this ability would have to work in pause mode, because we can’t go wild naming our stations AND managing our metro lines :smile:

Option to name stations

Oh my, don’t get me started on Paris. As a frenchman I love to rant ! :slight_smile:
The game is awesome and you can think you’re making the ideal Paris

but Paris is a very small and central city, it becomes less “real-lifey” when you get all these stations, esp. in the northwest (which is where plenty of people live but few transportation lines go).

And lastly… you don’t simulate problems, lateness and strikes :wink:

PS : just kidding, the idea is nice, but I’d probably just edit the screenshot with Paint or Skitch if I wanted to do that.


It wouldn’t have to be accurate, in fact it might be fun to see what stations are suddenly connected to which :smile: I rather like the idea of line and station names being an option.


Hi everyone!
I would like to suggest an option to name the stations. It would be good if this improvement was located in Options in main menu. Text could be like drag&drop function.

Also I’m sorry for my bad english. :wink:


I would love this option, especially in the new creative mode!