Customization Features


I’m new to this, so please tell me if this was already a suggestion.

The one thing I would like to see is a bit of customization. There are a few different things that would be a really neat feature.

Custom Colors - Some colors on the game just sort of bother me because I don’t really like dull or ugly colors. For example, I absolutely love green and blue, so I want to start off with a green line and then continue on with the other color customizations I choose.
(already suggested!) Names - I want to rename a station, let’s say my favorite word would be “Interesting”, so I want to name a station “Interesting”. For taking up less space, it could be initialized to maybe “INT.” That way, it’s just…you know, fun. And realistic. The same thing goes for routes, although I am not as sure about that.
Custom Games - Now this is where it gets interesting. I want to be able to have an extra game mode that can only be unlocked through certain means and here is how it goes: Firstly, you pick the mode named “Custom”. Then it’ll take you to another screen which gives you all the features that occur in all of the different modes available. Here is the list of the possible customization options;

Passenger spawning rate: This dictates how fast new passengers pop up in a minute.
Locomotives per line: This also dictates how many locomotives can be on the line at a time. The current limit is 4 locomotives, so this option would allow us to choose from 1 to 10 locomotives.
Starting lines: Normally, you start with three lines, but this option allows you to choose if you want to have 1 or even all of the lines at the start.
Sundays: This also gives you an ability for how often the “Sunday” events take place (gives you new locomotives, options for lines, carriages, or tunnels).
Shapes: This option allows you to choose how many shaped stations should exist. Now, there are definitely more than like 6 or 7 shapes when you reach a larger map, but for this option, it allows you to choose how many shapes you want on the map.
Locmotive Speed/Train Types: There are different train types that have different speeds, so this would be an option to give the players. Normally, the clock changes the speed of everything, but this way you can simply change the passenger popup and the locmotive speed separately.
Capacity: Normally, locomotives have a maximum of 6 passengers capacity unless using a carriage. This option allows you to choose how many passengers a single carriage-free locomotive takes (2-8 maximum?). Personally, I don’t know the whole concept since TheWeirdOne was the one to suggest this under the topic. (TheWeirdOne’s suggestion)

Since this is a custom type of game mode, it would not count for any leaderboard ranking, achievements (if they have it, especially on Steam), and so on.

Mini Metro Level Creator

I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion. May I add Locomotive Speed and Capacity as customization options. As well as the option to have trains, trams and shinkansen on one map. Also a mode where the lines are exclusive meaning you can’t have multiple locomotive types on one line.


Definitely adding the locomotive speed and capacity ideas! I didn’t really understand what the actual difference between the types of locomotives, but all I thought was that the names were the only ones (trains, trams, etc.).


Trams: slow
Trains: normal
Shinkansen: fast