Daily Challenge date change issue


In the Windows version, if the game is open when the date changes, Daily Challenge behaves weirdly.
I opened the game at around 03/26 23:30 UTC, and I already completed the Daily Challenge of 03/26 before. I played some normal games, waited until about 03/27 00:10 UTC, and entered Daily Challenge. However, what I saw was Cairo, the Daily Challenge of 03/26, with the time left being shown as 1 min. The button on the bottom-right corner is “Compete” instead of “Replay”, and when I clicked the button, I started to play Cairo. When the game ended, the game brought me to the ranking screen, with Friday (03/27) selected, as if the game I just finished was for Friday. However, as expected, my Cairo score wasn’t there, and my score on Thursday was my old Cairo score. After I exit out of the ranking screen, things are back to normal again. The game properly recognizes that I haven’t played Friday’s Daily Challenge and let me “Compete”.