Daily Challenge feature requests, ideas

  1. Will we ever see Barcelona or Guangzhou in the Daily Challenge?

  2. The Daily Challenge shows the top scores for the week, but does not show the city map they apply to… I would like to be able to replay those maps while they still appear in the weeks top scores.

3, Someone commented some time ago that, in general, the less lines used in a map, the higher the score will be. I think it should be this way, because it reflects real life. Cities run bus lines to capacity before they start thinking about rail lines. But there’s art in designing a beautiful mini-metro rail network. Maybe the scoring/asset system should be altered to reward beauty over frugality.

Or maybe there should be rules for rail lines. Right now, we can change rail lines as much as we please – but in real life, this is rarely done. Maybe there should be a new kind of asset that allows us to change a railway line after it’s been placed. In this case, there’s a limit to how many times you can change a line. Top scores wouldn’t be nearly as high, but the maps would look much more like metro maps.